Sunshine Mint’s 1 oz and 1/2 oz silver bullion rounds are both made of .999 fine silver and contain one troy ounce and one-half troy ounce of silver respectively. These two variations are probably Sunshine’s most popular rounds because of their convenient size and large availability. Though these two sizes are most common, the mint has also made special commemorative rounds as well as 5 oz and 10 oz rounds.


On the front of the round there is a stamped image of an eagle at the center. The eagle appears to be swooping down on its prey with his wings spread wide. He is shown flying in the foreground of a rising sun whose rays are shining out in all directions. The eagle itself is quite detailed with sharp lines outlining each of his feathers. This image has been used on most of the Sunshine Mints bullion and it has become so popular that it has basically become their hallmark and is also known as the “Sunshine Silver Eagle.”



The back of Sunshine’s silver rounds are noted with their purity which is marked around the bottom edge in a half-circle pattern. These markings read “999 FINE SILVER.” Circling around the top edge is the weight. At the center of this side, there is a unique circular security feature with sun rays shooting outwards from it. The security feature has a frosted finish which reads “VALID” when holding a Sunshine Decoder Lens up to it.

Sunshine Packaging and How To Store

Sunshine packages the 1/2 oz and 1 oz round in solid plastic tubes with 20 rounds in each. If you buy all one size, they are easy to stack atop one another due to their raised edges. Buying 20 rounds at a time and getting them in their original Sunshine packaging is convenient as well because you can just stack the tubes on top of one another. The hard plastic tubes also serve as a layer of protection to the rounds if you are stashing them away for a while.