Obverse Side: The Silverbug Island Mermaid

The Silverbug Island Mermaid is the star of the obverse side of this coin. Its intricate design depicts the lovely mermaid in the depth of the sea with one hand outstretched into the ocean and her other hand on a treasure chest. She has a knowing smile on her face, and it’s easy to see why. The open treasure chest reveals a booty of what appears to be gold coins. The writing on the lid of the treasure chest proclaims: “Hold It – Own It”. It appears that the pirate’s treasure now belongs to this little mermaid.


A sunken pirate ship can be seen in the background of the mermaid, explaining the origins of the aesthetically awesome treasure chest. This very detailed depiction of the Silverbug Island Mermaid and is eye-catching, and you can see her scaled tail swishing upwards in the water. She appears to be wearing a piece akin to a bikini top, rather than seashells, on her chest. Adding to the fun is the fact that the mermaid is not alone in her undersea adventures. Dolphins and fish of various sizes seem to be keeping the mermaid company as she has her encounter with the pirate’s treasure. Aside from the words on the artistic rendering of the treasure chest, the year 2016 is the only writing on the obverse side of the round.

Reverse Side: Welcome to Silverbug Island

Both sides of this round showcase the love of silver pirate treasure that is prevalent among members of the Silverbug community. The reverse side of the Silverbug Island Mermaid round portrays a pirate ship that is missing its sails. This beautiful ship, which is depicted in detail with a skull-and-cross-bones flag still flying at the top of its mast, has run aground right at what appears to be a magnificent island of treasure and coins.


There is a great attention to detail in the pirate-themed round. The beautiful ocean waves are shown alongside a humongous pile of coins. The amiable announcement “Welcome to Silverbug Island” is engraved at the top of the reverse side of the round, and the weight, purity, and metal content of the Silverbug Island Mermaid round encircle the bottom of it.