The Kookaburra coins have been a favorite for decades, as the bird is one of those synonymous with the Australia. The Kookaburra is native to both Australia and New Guinea. Their name sounds like their mating calls. Many people say the kookaburra call sounds like the echoes of a human laughing. In Australia, these birds can be found living in the arid savanna in the Outback, in wetter wooded areas, and even in suburban areas. Anywhere the bird can find running water and trees on which to perch, it can survive.

Kookaburras are birds of prey, eating mice, insects, small snakes, and reptiles. Even though they are kingfishers and even known to dive on the water and eat goldfish, it is not that common for the kookaburra to fish for their food. Due to its popularity with the Australian people, the kookaburra was one of three mascots for the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics. Famed characters based on these birds have appeared in songs, Disney attractions, mystery novels, and kids TV shows. Ask most Aussies and this species would be on the short list of Aussie animals for commemoration. Perth Mint made a natural choice to commemorate them.

2016 Australian Silver Kookaburra Coin Reverse

2016 Perth Mint Kookaburra Coin

2016 Australian Silver Kookaburra Coin Obverse

2016 Perth Mint Kookaburra Coin

Here are some the most popular choices of the Silver Kookaburra among collectors. Coins going back as far as 1993 remain commonly found on the market.

2016 Australia 1 oz Silver Kookaburra – This coin is on delay at the moment, but is expected to ship on 11/23/2015. When it ships, your entire pre-sale order will come together. This is the perfect time to buy the 2016 coins, because they can be found for as low as $3.95 at present. 500,000 coins are in this mintage, which are eligible for Precious Metals IRAs. Both display boxes and gift boxes can be ordered. Gift boxes contain 100 of the 1-ounce coins.

2016 Australia 1 oz Silver Kookaburra MintDirect Premier – The MintDirect Premier coins are from the same 500,000-coin mintage and contain the same picture of a kookaburra on a fence post on the coin’s reverse. The MintDirect Premier process wraps these classic collectible bullion coins in a protective, non-reactive plastic polymer authentication card.

2015 Australia 1 oz Silver Kookaburra Goat Privy Coin – This version of the 2015 Australia 1 oz Silver Kookaburra coins contains a privy mark which recognizes the “Year of the Goat”. Those familiar with the Perth Mint coins known of the collectors series known as the Lunar Series I and Lunar Series II, which evoke the Chinese lunar calendar. You’ll see a small goat on the upper right side of the reverse. Also, this coin contains the numbers “1990-2015” to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of kookaburra coins. Collector can also find a 1-ounce Silver Kookaburra 25th Anniversary Proof coin to add to their collection. The 25th Anniversary coins have a mintage of 8,000 and a classic bird design produced by Dr. Stuart Devlin AO CMG.

2014 Australia 1 oz Silver Kookaburra Proof High Relief – My favorite kookaburra coin from 2014 is the high-relief version of the Silver Kookaburra Proof. It is part of the Perth Mint’s Bullion Coin Program, with a reverse side designed by Wade Robinson. The high relief has a kookaburra sitting on a branch. It comes with a collector’s box and a certificate of authenticity. You can also buy a Proof Ultra Cameo High Relief Silver Kookaburra coin, which has a mintage of 10,000.

2014 Australia 1 oz Silver Kookaburra Colorized Coins for the ANDA Show – The 2014 Colorized Kookaburra Coin was released to commemorate the 2014 Australasian Numismatic Dealer’s Association Show or “ANDA Show”. This has a brilliant colorized version of the bird on its perch. While I prefer silver coins to be shiny silver, this is the prettiest coin in the 2014 set. It has a mintage of 2,000 coins. All come in a plastic capsule and presentation box. Each has the special ANDA packaging, along with a certificate of authenticity.

2013 Australia 1 oz Silver Kookaburra Snake Privy Coins – The Snake Privy coins from 2013 featured a snake offset to honor the Year of the Snake. The main picture is a pair of juvenile kookaburras sitting on a tree and looking in opposite directions. The engraving was done by Natasha Muhl. The mintage for 2013 include 50,000 coins.

Below are some select silver kookaburra coins from the Perth Mint. These stretch back to the inaugural year of release: 1990. The information below contains the year minted, the engraver, and the mintage.

• 2012 – Darryl Bellotti – Mintage: 500,000 Coins
• 2011 – Elisa Martinson – Mintage: 500,000
• 2010 – Elise Martinson – Mintage: 300,000
• 2009 – Darryl Bellotti – Mintage: 300,000
• 2008 – Shevaun Buschenhofen – Mintage: 300,000
• 2007 – Justin Graham – Mintage: 500k (20 to a box)
• 2006 – Ryan Vanderwiel
• 2004 – Jovan Radanovich
• 2002 – Jovan Radanovich
• 2000 – Mathew Gee
• 1999 – Sara Langridge – Mintage: 109,364
• 1998 – Louise Pinder – Mintage: 103,119
• 1996 – Jovan Radanovich – Mintage: 170,105
• 1995 – Tony Dean – Mintage: 154,247
• 1994 – Milena Milan
• 1993 – Leslie Adonis – Mintage: 190,581
• 1992 – John Bergdahl – Mintage: 500k
• 1991 – Dr. Stuart Devlin – Mintage: 300k
• 1990 – Dr. Stuart Devlin – Mintage: 300,000

Notice that the mintage has steadily increased, showing the coins were well-received. The lower number of coins represented the recession of the early-to-mid 1990s, while the low numbers in the late-1990s represented an attempt to keep demand high. Notice that the mintage did not decline significantly during the 2008-2009 global recession.