The Kangaroo is the animal most associated with Australia in the popular culture. In fact, it is the semi-official mascot of Australia, which appears on the country’s coat-of-arms. Several species exist Down Under, and the government estimates that a little over 34 million kangaroos live in Australia. The animal is known for its powerful hind legs and pocket, in which they carry their young. Smaller species related to them are known as wallabies.

The kangaroos of Australian have become used to human civilization enough that videos have shown them fighting for territory on the streets of suburbs, presumably fighting for access to a house’s trash bin. The origin of the term “kangaroo” is not known. Until the 1970s, it was thought the term came from a misunderstanding when Cook and Banks asked an aborigine what the animal’s name was and he said (in his own language), “I don’t understand you.” A common nickname for these animals is “Roos”. No other Aussie animal is a better choice for a Perth Mint coin.

Below is a series of the latest and best designs among the .999 silver kangaroo coins from Perth Mint.

2016 Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin Reverse

2016 AU Silver Kangroo Coin

2016 Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin Obverse


2015 1 oz High Relief Australian Kangaroo Coins – The High Relief Australian Kangaroo features a kangaroo bounding across the Australian landscape at dusk. It contains 1-ounce of .999 silver which, Australian Currency Act of 1965, is considered legal tender. This series has a limited mintage of only 19,000 coins, which maintains a high value for these coins. Each comes with a mint box and a certificate of authenticity.

2014 Australia 1 oz Silver Kangaroo Proof High Relief – The 2014 version of this coin depicts a ‘Roo standing next to a fence somewhere on the rural landscape of Australia. Again, this series had a mintage of only 19,000 coins.

2013 Australia 1 oz Silver Kangaroo Coin – The 2013 series had a limited mintage of only 20,000 coins. It depicts an adult kangaroo standing nobly near what appears to be a eucalyptus tree on the open Outback.

2012 Australia 1 oz Silver Kangaroo Ultra Cameo High Relief – The high relief coin from 2012 was designed by Wade Robinson. It shows a kangaroo standing on the Australian bush landscape with a windmill in the background. In my mind, the design on this coin is flawless and represents one of the prettiest high relief coins from Perth Mint in the 21st century.

2011 Silver Kangaroo High Relief Coin – This year’s Silver Kangaroo High Relief Coin was engraved by Dr. Stuart Devlin, one of the leaders in designing bullion coins in the past several decades. The 2011 version depicted a stooped kangaroo with symbolic sunrays radiating out in the background. While a nice picture, it is among the least dramatic of the series. With a 20k mintage, it is still a valuable coin. Let me direct you to my favorite coin by Dr. Devlin, which is next.

2010 1 oz High Relief Proof Silver Kangaroo Coins – Another classic design is the 2010 high relief .999 silver coin, which features two kangaroos boxing. The boxing kangaroos were engraved by Dr. Stuart Devlin, who designed the original silver kookaburra coins way back in 1990 and 1991.

These are the coins from the last several years. The Perth Mint keeps the mintage of each year relatively small, so these coins often sell for $100 or more. Take a look at the pricing on the silver kookaburra coins, which are the same weight and contain the same .999 silver, if you want to see the difference in availability (around 300k to 500k) and how that affects the price. The kangaroo coin series stretches back 25 years to the year 1990. As with the latter years, the number of coins in circulation are relatively small, so these are a favorite with collectors.