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Perth Mint Silver Coin Series

Perth Mint Silver Coins

The Perth Mint is one of two internationally respected mints in Australia, alongside the Royal Australian Mint. The Perth Mint is a favorite with collectors and investors.

It produces silver bullion coins with 99.9% pure silver. Australian coins are popular with coin collectors, because they feature the exotic animal life native to the Outback and the other reaches of the Australian continent: the kangaroo, the Koala bear, the lunar, and the kookaburra bird.

The Perth Mint often limits the production of these coins to as low as 4,000, which helps them retain their value.


Perth Mint Silver Proof Coin Series

The Silver Proof series is a collection of numismatic coins marketed specifically for collectors. These coins contain a micro-engraved laser mark to help authenticate the coins and track them, in case they are ever lost or stolen.

Proof coins have a disparate set of themes, including Australian opal, Outback-colored images, endangered species, extinct species, Chinese astrological symbols, Star Trek, and the Australian map. Collectors also will find coins for kookaburras, koalas, and kangaroos.

Below are the proof sets:

Australian Opal Series – These feature opal designs on the reverse side, such as the python, the masked owl, the kangaroo, and the koala bear. On the obverse side, you’ll find Queen Elizabeth II depicted. This series contains six separate designs.

Australian Outback Colored Silver Coin Collection – The Outback Colored Silver Coins feature colored koalas, kookaburras, and kangaroos. One reason collectors love this series is there are only 5,000 extant of each of them.

Australian Kookaburra, Koala, and Kangaroo Series – Not to be confused with the Colored Outback coins, this is an annual series of 1 ounce coins with more traditional designs. Each year, you’ll find coins for three of Australia’s most iconic animal species.

Endangered and Extinct Series – This 2012 series highlights the Aussie species of particularly endangered animals, along with a few extinct species. The native creatures depicted include the Australian green turtle, the Tasmanian tiger, the Tasmanian wedge, and the world-famous Tasmanian devil.

Australian Map Shaped Coin Series – This is a 5-coin collect with the map of Australia stamped on its reverse. Again, you’ll find native animals in these selections, but they are found within an outline of the Australia continent.

Lunar Calendar Series – Not to be confused with the Lunar Series, this is a set of four rectangular coins released with special artwork each year. For instance, for the Year of the Goat (2015), you would buy four unique coins with different depictions of goats on them. These unique rectangle shapes have a limited mintage of 3,000 coins apiece and are considered legal tender in the Cook Islands.

Star Trek Series – For the 50th Anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series, the Perth Mint created a set of Star Trek coins for 2015. These included the most famous characters from the original 5-year voyage, such as the 2015 1 oz. Star Trek Spock Proof Silver Coin. They also included captains from the other series, including Captain James T. Kirk, Captain Jean-Luc Piccard, Commander Sisko, Captain Kathryn Janeway, and Captain John Archer. A coin for the Enterprise-D was designed, so it might take some research to collect the entire set. The coin in question is the 2015 1 oz. Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Proof Silver Coin.

perthwildlifeWildlife Series Coin – This is a series of coins minted in four different denominations. These range from one-tenth of an ounce to one troy ounce to one kilogram in weight, while they range 40 millimeters to 100 millimeters in in diameter. With their high silver content, exotic themes, and finely engraved craftsmanship, the Perth Mint coins remain at the top of the list of must-have items for many collectors.

The Wildlife Series features some of the wildest and most dangerous animals in the Land Down Under. On the wild side, coins commemorating the Silver Kookaburra are notable. These were first produced in 1990, but remain a popular choice to this day. The series has featured Koalas, lizards, brown bears, and saltwater crocodiles. Insects are a notable addition you won’t find among coins from other countries, with scorpions and funnel-webs spiders among the selections. Oddly enough, the Perth Mint sometimes features non-Australian animals, such as Asian elephants.

The 2014 Australian Outback Coloured Coin Collection of 2014 is considered a standout. Again, these are some of the coins which were limited to 4,000 coins, which greatly increases their value.

Those are not the only coins offered by the Perth Mint. On special occasions, the mint releases a one-off silver coin for collectors and investors. An example would be the 2015 1 oz. 75th Anniversary of Bruce Lee Proof Silver Coin, which depicts martial arts legend and action movie star, Bruce Lee.

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