Queen Elizabeth II On The Obverse Side

Since this coin was minted for New Zealand, the obverse side utilizes the right-profile image of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley. The Queen’s image has been on the obverse side of every coin in the commonwealth since she first took the throne in 1952. The profile image currently being used on commonwealth coins is the fourth generation Rank-Broadley rendering.


Mickey Mouse On The Reverse Side

The reverse side features a full-color image of Mickey Mouse’s character in The Band Leader. In this image, Mickey Mouse is conducting the band with his baton as a field of musical notes surround him. The details in the image are precise, including the way in which Mickey’s band leader uniform is a little too big for him. The colors are brilliant in this image from Mickey’s yellow shoes to the bright blue decoration on his band leader hat.


Back Story of Mickey Mouse

When Mickey Mouse arrived on the scene in his 1928 animated short Steamboat Willy, it was an instant success and the start of a series of early animated shorts. In 1935,  The Band Leader was released as the first color Mickey Mouse animated short and it feature the characters of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. In the film, Mickey is attempting to lead a band during a performance while Donald Duck nearly sabotages the performance while acting as a concessions vendor.

The entire series of coins in the Mickey Through The Ages collection features a colored image of Mickey on the back and the right-side profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front. There were 10,000 sets made for global distribution, which means that you will own a bit of Walt Disney history when you place your order.

It is important to note that the New Zealand Mint, despite its official sounding name, is not the actual government mint for New Zealand. It is a privately owned business that creates collectible coins of all types. Official New Zealand coin currency is minted at either the Royal Mint in London or at the Royal Canadian Mint. That is why these Disney collectible coins are uncirculated collector’s coins and not official currency.