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Graded Silver Coins

Graded Silver coins are defined as any Government minted silver coin that is certified by a professional grading company (The two most common companies being PCGS and NGC). Grades are calculated on a scale that ranges from 1-70, 70 being the highest and most desirable.

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Graded US Silver Eagles

Silver Eagles are among the most popular graded coins to collectors. Having been minted from 1986 by a number of mints including San Francisco and West Point, there are many variations to collect of the coin. Below is a list of some of the most popular NGC certified silver eagles.

1986 Certified Silver Eagle (MS69)

  • 1986ASEFirst Year Of Mintage
  • Second Highest Grade Possible
  • Lowest Price Found: $51 Over Spot


1988 Certified Silver Eagle (MS69)

  • 1988ASEThird Year Of Mintage
  • Second Highest Grade Available
  • Lowest Price Found: $32 Over Spot


1987 Certified Silver Eagle (MS69)

  • 1987aseSecond Year of Mintage
  • Second Highest Grade Available
  • Lowest Price Found: $18.50 Over Spot



Common Grades

Any grade of 60 or higher is considered a Mint State grade, commonly abbreviated as “MS” which means the coin appears as it did when it came off the press directly from the mint. There are many variations of each grade and this can become confusing so below we will define three of the most common variations of coin grades.

Early Release – This refers to a coin that was minted prior to the production for the year in which the coin is marked. Coins which are graded with an “Early Release” label are collectible because of their limited population. These coins can go for more if the year of mintage is rare or desirable.

First Release – A first release refers to a coin that was among the first to come off the press for the year the coin was minted. First Release coins are fairly new and are not formally recognized by the US Mint due to the fact that they do not track specific coins to see which where minted first. That being said, coins bearing the “First Release” label are still highly sought after by coin collectors and may fetch higher premiums than a non first release coin depending on the year it was minted.

Proof – A Proof is a coin made specifically for coin collectors. They are minted using a special process which usually gives the coin a mirror like, shiny finish. Proofs are highly sought after by collectors compared to regular issue coins due to their low population and appealing appearance.

Benefits to Owning Graded Silver Coins

One benefit to buying graded Silver coins is that they generally hold their value relative to spot price fairly well due to the fact that they tend to be more collectible and scarce than the average coin. Though you might pay a higher price for a certified coin compared to an ungraded coin, you usually will get a similar premium for it if you decide to sell.

Some certified graded coin prices may fluctuate over time depending on the year in which the coin was minted and population of the specific grade. Prices also vary over time based upon collector demand and supply of specific coins.

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