Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Prices

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is the undisputed crown jewel of all of Canada’s coinage.

Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Maple Leaf not only has a high level of purity, but also a high level of international renown simply because of the mint from which it originates.

RCM, for those who may be unaware, is one of the most highly regarded mints in the world and produces not only all of Canada’s coins, but also the coins of many other countries from around the world.


The Silver Maple Leaf first got its start in 1988, around the same time many other nations were beginning to produce their own silver and gold coins. It immediately gained attention from investors and collectors around the world because its silver content (99.99%) was superior to that of other silver coins on the market in the late 1980s. While other mints have since introduced .9999 purity silver coins of their own, the Silver Maple Leaf beat most of them to it. In addition to its inordinately high silver content, the Maple Leaf had a beautifully simplistic design that was just begging to be the next addition to any competent collection.

Though there have been many editions of the coin released since its inception in the late 1980s, the design and makeup of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has not changed much at all.


Like was mentioned above, the design of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is nothing too intricate or complex. Instead, it is the coin’s simplicity that really draws in the attention. On the coin’s obverse, a profile image of Queen Elizabeth II can be found. Because Canada was once part of the United Kingdom, it is not at all surprising to see the Queen’s face gracing the front face of the coin.


Above the beautifully-designed image of the Queen is a stamp that reads “Queen Elizabeth II.” Below the stamp exists both the face value of the coin as well as an indication for the year in which the coin was minted.

The reverse side of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin features the image of a large, detailed Maple Leaf. As the national symbol of Canada and one that is present on the country’s flag, there are few people who find it odd that a Maple Leaf is the dominant feature of this coin. The leaf is large and so detailed that even its individual veins are able to be deciphered. It must be said that, since the coin was first minted, the image of the leaf has gotten just a bit more detailed. To either side of the Maple Leaf is the coin’s purity, while the weight indication graces the bottom of the reverse side, and the word “CANADA” the top.

On newer Silver Maple Leafs, a tiny Maple Leaf is imprinted just below the reverse’s main image. This smaller Maple Leaf serves as a security measure used to both guarantee the coin’s authenticity as well as protect against counterfeits.

Collectibility and Pricing of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

As one of the most sought after silver coins on the market, you can bet that there is a high demand for Silver Maple Leafs from collectors. With a new edition released every year, collectors try their hardest to stay up to date and keep their collections as current as possible.

While Canadian Silver Maple Leafs do carry value as a collectible, the collectability of these coins does not drive the price up all that much. More often than not, you are able to purchase the most recent Silver Maple Leaf edition without having to pay much more than $2 above the current spot price.

Of course, with special Silver Maple Leaf editions, such as colored Maple Leafs, 25th anniversary Maple Leafs, and Olympic Silver Maple Leafs, the asking price will be significantly higher than it is for your typical, uncirculated Silver Maple Leaf.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Purity and Weight

As was mentioned earlier, something that makes the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf unique and different from other silver coins is the fact that it has a superior level of purity. While most modern day silver coins are comprised of anywhere from 70%-99.9% pure silver, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf carries a .9999 level of purity. Though that extra “9” may not seem like much, it means a world of difference for many investors who seek to get the most bang for their buck.

Also unlike other coins, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is produced in only a 1 ounce size. The coin carries a CAD$5 face value, though the silver present in the coin is worth much more than that.

Silver Maple Leaf Packaging

If you are buying individual Silver Maple Leafs, the type of packaging your coin(s) will be enclosed in is entirely up to the seller from which you are buying. For larger orders, however, most dealers package Maple Leafs exactly the same as they are packaged at the Royal Canadian Mint.

For coins bought in quantities of 25, single tubes consisting of 25 coins each will be shipped. In many cases, even if you only purchase 5 or 10 Maple Leafs, the dealer will still choose to encase them in the factory tube as a means of protecting the coins during shipping.

If you are a big-time buyer of silver and would like to get your hands on a substantial number of Silver Maple Leafs, you always have the option to buy a monster box. A Silver Maple Leaf monster box consists of 500 coins, or 20 tubes of 25 coins each. Called a “monster box”, these plastic boxes are actually quite small and tend to be no larger than your average box of shoes (though they weigh considerably more).

Where to Buy Canadian Silver Maple Leafs

Because of their extreme popularity, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs can be purchased in most places where you can buy precious metals. Whether you are talking about a brick and mortar or online dealer, you will find that Maple Leafs are some of the most readily available coins on the market. This is probably due to the fact that the Royal Canadian Mint regularly mints in upwards of 10 million Maple Leafs or more per year.

Online dealers such as JM Bullion, Provident Metals, and APMEX are all places where you can get your hands on the newest Maple Leafs as well as those produced in year’s past. By doing just a bit of shopping around, you will not only find a vast array of options from which to buy, but you will also find the best price for yourself.

Reselling Canadian Maple Leafs

While most people who purchase Canadian Silver Maple Leafs as part of a collection intend on holding on to them for life, most others plan on, at some point in the future, selling their coin(s). The beauty of Canadian Silver Maple Leafs is that, as one of the most popular coin-types on the planet, they are incredibly easy to sell.

Whether it be a private sale to a coin dealer in your area, or a more public auction on a site like eBay, you will quickly learn that getting rid of Silver Maple Leafs is easy so long as you are not asking a ridiculous amount of money. Just as it is with the purchase of these coins, do a bit of shopping around in order to find the place where selling your Maple Leafs will give you the biggest ROI (return on investment). There are so many dealers out there looking to get your coins for a bargain price, so be sure to execute your due diligence before selling any coins.


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