As the name suggests, these coins will always feature an image of Lady Britannia on their reverse side. While the exact image if Britannia has changed slightly over the years, she is continuously featured on the reverse, while the obverse features a profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Starting in 1998 and each subsequent even-numbered year, the coins have featured a new image of a standing Britannia. Also worth noting is that starting in 2015, the Britannia coins have featured a rough matte-like finish on their background.

Britannia Coin Obverse

Currently, the obverse side of the Britannia Coins feature a right-facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Surrounding the Queen in a circular pattern along the border of the coin are the words “Elizabeth II DG REG Fid Def” and “2 Pounds.” Directly below the Queen’s neck are the initials “IRB” for the designer; Ian Rank Broadley. In the central image of the Queen, she is sporting a tiara from her famous jewel collection. The background is complimented with a rough, uneven finish which makes the Queen’s image stand out more in the foreground.


Britannia Coin Reverse

On the coin’s reverse is a central image of a standing Lady Britannia. In her right hand is a trident signifying the United Kingdoms naval power. Her left arm hold an olive branch and a shield with the UK’s flag representing its duty to protect itself. The weight, purity and minting year are also inscribed along the border which, for the 2015 coin, reads; “Britannia 2015 1 Oz .999 Fine Silver.” Below Britannia is the name “Nathan” which commemorates the designer; Philip Nathan.


Privy Britannia Coins

Starting in 2013, the same year that the Royal Mint upped the purity of the coins from 95.8% to 99.9%, they also introduced the first Lunar Privy Mark Coins. Because 2013 was the Lunar Year of the Snake, these coins first featured a Snake Privy Mark. The marks included several Snake images along the rim of the coin. These special coins contain a common obverse and reverse image as the regular bullion coins and each year since the mint has released these coins. They have since become a collector favorite and are usually priced similarly to the bullion version.


Britannia Silver Coin Mintage Numbers

The Britannia Coin took a few years to gain popularity in the investment community. During its first few years, the Proof version of the coins were probably the most popular variety. During the early years of the series, these coins were minted in very limited numbers often less than 100,000. Because today the coins are highly sought out by investors, the bullion version is minted in much higher numbers today. In 2014, the coins where minted to order and well over 1,000,000 coins were released.

Buying Britannia Silver Coins

Because the Britannia Silver Coin has risen in popularity recently they are not hard to find for sale online. The coins are available at most online silver bullion dealers and can be bought for around $2.00-$4.00 above the current spot price of silver. Current year coins are usually easier to find and priced lower, while older backdate coins will generally go in and out of stock frequently. In our price comparison above are a few popular dealers that are currently selling these coins online for reasonable prices.