The highly popular America the Beautiful Coin Series was first offered up by the US Mint in 2010. With the first release; the 2010 Hot Springs ATB Silver Coin, seeing extreme popularity from the coin collecting community, the series has been in high demand each year since. With five unique designs put out each year, each coin is minted in very low quantities, generally at or below 35,000 coins.

About the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a national park that stretches across 469 miles of the Appalachian Highlands and Blue Ridge Mountains. The Parkway, which is famous for its spectacular views, runs from North Carolina in the south to Virginia and is sometime referred to as “America’s Favorite Drive.” It holds 176 tunnels, which means that 10% of the National Park Service’s bridges are located here.

About the Blue Ridge Parkway ATB Silver Coin

The 2015 5 oz Blue Ridge Parkway ATB Silver Coin is the third release from the series in 2015 proceeding the Kisatchie Silver Coin which makes it the 28th overall design. Because the coins are still being produced at the US Mint, there is no maximum mintage set. Based on prior releases, the mintage number is expected to be somewhere around 35,000. Each coin has a 25ยข face value and contains 5 troy ounces of .999 pure silver.

Blue Ridge Parkway Coin Design

The Blue Ridge Parkway Silver Coin is set to feature the same layout as all coins released before it. This will show George Washington on the obverse and a scene from the park on its reverse. The metal purity and composition are listed on the outer edge of the coin to assert its authenticity.

Obverse Design

On the obverse side of the Blue Ridge Parkway Silver ATB Coin, George Washington’s image is shown at the center similar to that on the Washington Quarter Dollar. The inscription “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is etched just above Washington’s head with “QUARTER DOLLAR” marked below. The popular phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” is marked to the right with “LIBERTY” on the left in smaller letters.


Reverse Design

The reverse of the coin reveals a scene from the Blue Ridge Parkway National Park. In it, one of the many tunnels that run along the parkway is shown cutting through the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the foreground, several flowers are shown while the background features the edge of the mountain with several pine trees. The park’s name is inscribed above this scene as “BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY.” The state of North Carolina is denoted on the left side, with the minting year proceeding it on the bottom of the coin.


Buying 2015 5 oz Blue Ridge Parkway ATB Silver Coins

These coins are set to be distributed by the US Mint around 6/22 which means that many dealers were offering them on pre-sale at the time of this article. The ship date varies a little bit from dealer to dealer so if you plan on buying them it is a good idea to check this beforehand. It seems that many of the silver dealers we have looked at are offering them for around $2.75-$3.00 over spot price per ounce which is relatively low for the series.