The American the Beautiful Series or “National Park” Silver Quarters are offered by the US Mint in both standard, non-silver quarters as well as five ounce silver bullion coins. It is among the most collectible silver coin series that is offered each year by the mint, rivaled only by the American Silver Eagle. It also bears the distinction of being the largest bullion coin struck at the US Mint today, and special minting presses had to be imported from Germany for them to be able to offer them.

This popular series was initiated only a few years ago in 2010. The series became a quick success, even with its odd size. It became an instant collectible and a must-have for many collectors. The series is set to feature over 56 total coins to celebrate at least one historical landmark or national park from each state and territory within the United States. Some are even anticipating the series being extended due in part to its massive popularity.

About the Great Basin National Park

The Great Basin National Park is located in the state of Nevada in a small town called Baker. The part sees thousands of visitors each year who camp, ski, snowboard, and hike along the scenic mountainous terrain. The basin sits along the footsteps of Wheeler Peak; a 13,063 foot mountain and features a variety of Pine Trees growing among a glacial moraine.


About the Great Basin 5 oz ATB SIlver Coin

Each of the 2013 5 oz Great Basin Silver ATB Coins feature an artistic rendering of a scene straight out of the park. The obverse keeps in the tradition of the series, showing the standard image of George Washington.

Great Basin Coin Obverse

The obverse of every America the Beautiful Great Basin Silver Coin features an identical image to that on the Washington Quarter. In it, Washington is shown in profile looking of to the left side of the coin. The words “Liberty” and “In God We Trust” are etched to either side of him. The country’s name is spelled out above him reading “United States of America” with the face value below, listed as “Quarter Dollar.”


Great Basin Coin Reverse

The reverse image on the coin shows a serene scene from the Great Basin National Park. In it, a Bristlecone Pine Tree is shown at the center. Rocky terrain surrounds it with a clear sky shown in the background. The name of the park is etched above it simply as “Great Basin.” To the left and right of the image is the word “Nevada” and the phrase “E Pluribus Unum” respectively. The minting year: 2013 is shown centered directly below the scene.

Buying 2013 5 oz Great Basin ATB Silver Coins

Because the US Mint stopped producing the Great Basin Silver Coin over 2 years ago, supply is somewhat limited as compared to current year coins. As such, they tend to go in and out of stock regularly and can sometimes be difficult to find. The premium over spot price you will pay for these coins also changes regularly. You can however still find them for sale at most major silver coin dealers as well as auction sites like eBay.