The America the Beautiful Silver Coin Series was first drawn in in 2008 by an act of congress. It wasn’t until 2010, however, when the first coins in the series were minted. Since the US Mint had never produced coins this large before, they needed to order and install a special minting press to strike these large coins. Among other series like the American Eagle and Baseball Hall of Fame Coins, the America the Beautiful Series is among the US Mint’s most collectible coin programs.

Since 2010 the US Mint has struck a total of 5 new and unique designs for the ATB Coin Series per year. Each coin has a legal tender value in the United States of 25ยข and also contains a total of five troy ounces of .999 fine silver within it. As these coins are technically part of the National Parks Quarter Dollar program, they have the same face value and obverse design as the Washington Quarter.

About Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The is among the most unique parks in the United States and arguably the world. Over millions of years, various Pacific Volcanoes have helped shape what we know today as the Hawaiian Islands. In 1916, the United States made one of these sites a National Park to preserve the landscape of two of the areas largest volcanoes; and .

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

About the Hawaii Volcanoes Silver ATB Coin

The Hawaii Volcanoes ATB Silver Coin was released in 2012 as the 14th release from the America the Beautiful Coin Series. Out of all coins previously released from the ATB series, the Hawaii Volcanoes coin saw one of the lowest mintages which includes only 20,000 coins total. The coins are packaged by the US Mint in sealed tubes of 10 coins or monster boxes of 100 coins.

Like all others in the series, the reverse image celebrates the national park it is named after while the obverse shows an image of George Washington. Unlike other coins, the edge of each coin is not reeded and instead displays the weight, purity and metal composition of the coin.

Obverse Coin Design

On the obverse design of the Hawaii Volcanoes Silver ATB Coin is the image of George Washington, turned to the left side. “United States of America” is inscribed atop the president in an arching pattern. Below his Washington’s portrait is the face value: “Quarter Dollar.” Etched onto the left and right side of the coin is the word “Liberty” and the popular phrase “In God We Trust.”


Reverse Coin Design

On the reverse design for the Hawaii Volcanoes ATB Silver Coin is an image from the park. It shows a volcano from the park erupting with lava. The top of the coin reads “Hawai’i Volcanoes” while the bottom of the coin has the year inscribed upon it. To the left and right of the Volcano respectively, the word “Hawaii” and the phrase “E Pluribus Unum” are etched.


Buying 2012 5 oz Hawaii Volcanoes ATB Silver Coins

Being that the 2012 5 oz Hawaii Volcanoes ATB Silver Coin had one of the lowest production numbers in the series it can be difficult to find at times. Consequently, prices tend to vary drastically, and you can expect to pay a high markup above spot price for the coins. Though they are always going in and out of stock, you can still find them for sale on a few silver dealer websites or auction sites like eBay.