The 2012 5 oz Chaco Culture ATB Silver coin is based on the Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico. The ancient ruins found in the region which are quite significant as far as American History is concerned, are engraved on the coin. Traditional culture has a unique part in the civilization of America and this coin ensures that the history is not forgotten since it serves as a mirror that can be used in understanding the cradle of human interaction.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park was mapped out in 1987 as a world heritage site due to the unique view of gradual civilization depicted by the land forms and the physical features. The park is just one among 20 heritage sites in the whole world, and it is this factor that cements its importance to the general global population. The American North-West region had ancient occupants as early as 850 A.D and this coin aims to aid people to reflect on the way the community lived, interacted and traded with other occupants of the region.

The Chaco Canyon was the exceptional cultural hub of the ancient community of Pueblo more than 1,000 years ago but is today renowned for its unique designation as a geographical tap into Chacoan culture. The coin thus shows part of the areas that were used for routine activities like trade, communication and worship making it a perfect window to Pueblo, Navajo, and Hopi cultures.

Coin Information

The 2012 5 oz Chaco Culture ATB Silver Coin has a thickness of 4.064 mm and a diameter of 76.2 mm, which makes this particular coin the largest in the series offering collectors and individuals who appreciate history and heritage a reason to invest in American civilization. The design of the reverse side of the coin is peculiar in its perception of the infrastructure of . The coin has a face-value of 25 cents and is, therefore, legal tender though its value as a historical relic stands out more.

The Obverse Side

The obverse side of the coin features a portrait of George Washington that was designed by John Flanagan, a respected art revolutionist, and the image brings a sharp focus on the successful historical leadership that has been experienced over time.

2012 5 oz Chaco Culture

The Reverse Side

The reverse side of the coin features a view of two elevated Kivas coupled with the Chetro Ketl Complex, and it is the side of the coin that depicts the cultural aspect of the native dwellers of New Mexico. These pieces of architecture provide an insight as to the stone ruins that characterize the today.

2012 5 oz Chaco Culture

The 2012 5 oz Chaco Culture ATB Silver Coins had limited mintage of 24,400 coins in total which means that their value was high due to the high demand exhibited by investors and collectors. This aspect makes the coin eligible to be considered as a precious metal. The craftsmanship that was instituted in designing the coin is exquisite. The artwork on the reverse side of the coin is structured to contain inscriptions of “New Mexico“, “Chaco Culture“, “2012” and “E Pluribus Unum” which describe what the coin is all about.

The coin weighs;
• 5 ounces of troy
• 0.999 pure silver

Packaging Details

Individual coins are packaged in capsules and multiples of 10 in mint tubes while multiples of 100 are packaged in mint boxes without capsules.

Average Price

The price of the coins depends with the shipping parameters and the order specification that is made. This is to mean that the capacity of the order and the policy for the shipping process mainly have an influence on the overall cost of shipping. On average, the price range is between $180 and $230 which will ensure one gets to have a piece of history be it for collection purposes or as an investment.