This series is struck in the premium standard of flawless proof condition. Coins minted in proof condition require time and labor intensive measures to deliver the end result that leaves collectors and investor in awe—a shiny, well-polished coin with enhanced design features such as frosting and mirroring, along with a deeper engraving of artist Emily Damstra’s design work.

These proof coins are wrapped and shipped in seal-tight plastic carriers individually in protective sheets of 10, or in mint boxes of 200 engraved and backed by the Royal Mint and the Canadian government.

Obverse Side

The 2017 Silver Canadian Cougar Privy Coin features artist Susanna Blunt’s 2003 portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Susanna won the rights to have her design featured on all minted coinage of the Royal Mint after winning the national portrait competition in 2003.


This image marks the fourth design to represent the Queen on coinage of the Royal Mint since she came to reign in 1952. Additionally, the obverse side includes the Queen’s title, the year of mintage and the face value of the coin.

Reverse Side

On the reverse side you’ll discover the lovely design of Canada’s iconic sugar maple leaf and one of the country’s fiercest predators, the mighty cougar, carefully crafted by illustrator Emily Damstra, polished and struck twice by the Royal Mint. The cougar’s growling image is a small engraving just beneath the sugar leaf to its left side. This side will also feature the coin’s weight and purity.

2017-1-oz-silver-canadian-maple-leaf-cougar-privy-rev1The Cougar and the Maple Leaf

The sugar maple leaf is native to Ontario, and as the country’s national tree, you’ll find it featured within the country’s coat of arms, on its flag, within sports emblems, and more. The sugar maple is intolerant to heat and pollution, which is why this is not a common street tree.

It is however, a part of Ontario’s natural forestry and is well-known for its autumn display of colorful leaves as well as for its sweet sap used to make maple sugar and syrup. The cougar is revered in Canada as one of the country’s most ferocious and ravenous felines. It is known for its beauty and its respected predatory nature.

The Flawless Proof Coin

Proof coins are minted like none other. The bar is raised to the highest standard during their mintage. These coins require hands-on labor measures, hours of die preparation, polishing, and master crafting to add-on design enhancements such as eye-catching frosting and mirrored coinage.

These coins are fantastically struck twice, with great emphasis and strength placed on the final strike. The end result is an infallible coin with a flawless shiny and design enhanced coinage.