Obverse Side: Queen Elizabeth II

Susanna Blunt’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is showcased on the obverse side of the Grizzly Bear Privy silver coins. Since Canada is a Commonwealth country, it features the likeness of the currently reigning monarch on its coinage. That is a tradition of the Royal Canadian Mint that has been in place since it first operated in 1908. The Queen of Canada is shown in right-profile relief on this coin.

Canadian portrait artist Susanna Blunt was invited by the Royal Canadian Mint to join eight different artists in a competition to create a unique portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that was to be used on Canadian coins, and she won the contest in 2003. In addition to be used on the Grizzly Bear Privy Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin, this image was used on other Canadian coinage for over a decade.

The name of Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, encircles the top of the coin’s obverse side, while the face value of the coin and the year it was issued is engraved on the bottom. All of the text is title case and distinctly engraved, while the eye-catching part of the coin’s obverse side is the aesthetically pleasing depiction of Queen Elizabeth II.

Reverse Side: The Maple Leaf and Grizzly Bear

The reverse side of the coin reveals a detailed, micro-laser engraved maple leaf in the center, with authentically depicted radial lines from the center to the edge of the leaf at its three upward points. The repeating maple leaf security feature can also be found on the reverse side. The field is frosted. However, the privy mark, maple leaf, and engraved lettering is shiny.


What is especially eye-catching on this coin is the small, detailed grizzly bear privy. Place underneath the maple leaf on its left side, the bear is depicted mid-roar. This pays homage to growling bear on the 2011 Canadian Grizzly Silver Coin that celebrated Canadian’s natural wonders. Canadian artist Pierre Leduc created the image of the grizzly bear in profile. While the bear image is small, its thick-furred head is majestic with bear’s ears, sharp teeth, and dark eyes crystal clear through the engraved detail.


The issuing country of “Canada” is inscribed at the top of the coin’s reverse side. The coin’s purity is stated on both the left-center and right-center of this side. Its weight, metal content, and purity encircled the bottom of the reverse side of the Grizzly Bear Privy Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin.