Obverse Side: Queen Elizabeth II

The obverse side of the Colorized British Silver Britannia Coin has an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II that was designed by acclaimed English engraver Jody Clark. As this depiction is new and replaced the former image that has been featured on coinage in Britain and other Commonwealth countries since 1998, it will not be familiar to many, but this rendition is detailed and striking. Clark’s effigy is the fifth of Queen Elizabeth II to appear on coins.


Clark shows the right profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the coin’s obverse side. The Queen is seen looking straight ahead with a serious expression on her face, and she is wearing a crown and jeweled earrings that have a teardrop shape. This design was crafted in 2015, and it shows the Queen as she looks today. The image is encircled with data that reveals the legal tender of the coin and states the name Queen Elizabeth II.

Reverse Side: Colorized Image of Britannia

The reverse side of the 2016 Colorized British Silver Britannia Coin showcases the gorgeous Britannia in eye-catching color. The beautiful pale blue of the background in the image helps set off Britannia. She is wearing a flowing white robe, and her head is turned to the right while her body faces straight ahead. Her right arm is outstretched to the right, and she holds a weapon. Her Corinthian helm is golden yellow, while her flowing hair is brown. The Union Jack on her shield makes it completely clear that she is defending Britain. Its red, white, and blue colors are vivid.


The engraving on the reverse side of this coin reveals its 2016 year of issue, and it also gives the name of the artistic rendering. It gives information on the purity, metal content, and weight of the coin as well.