2016 1 oz Proof Arizona Apache Rattlesnake Silver Coin

This latest coin offering promises to continue the tradition established with the first six coins in the series. Each coin arrives in a plastic capsule designed to protect the coins finish and contains one Troy ounce of .999 pure silver.

Obverse—depicts the fierce visage of an Apache warrior making it easy to understand their reputation as renowned fighters. In addition to his likeness, the coin features an engraving of the word “Apache” along the top of the coin while the words “999 Silver 2015 One Dollar One Ounce” along the bottom of the coin.


Reverse—featuring an image of a rattlesnake, a deadly denizen of the southwestern desert, the reverse side of the coin additionally features the words “Apache Rattlesnake” engraved on the top and “America” on the coin’s bottom rim. “Jamul Sovereign Nation” is engraved above the rattlesnake’s back and represents the tribal group responsible for the coin’s mintage.


Designed and engraved with excellence in mind, each coin is sold with a mirror like background and finish, which is indicative of a satin finish proof coin. Delivering numismatic excellence, backed up with a Certificate of Authenticity, these coins make an outstanding addition to the collection of any coin enthusiast, history buff, or admirer of Native American culture.

The Native American Mint

The Native American Mint has been delivering excellence and true to form designs that accurately depict the Native American experience and the important impact it has played on our nation continuing into modern times. Although a private mint, and ineligible to produce legal tender, indigenous Native American tribes enjoy a special relationship with the federal government. Armed with tribal sovereignty, these tribes enjoy a form of parallel sovereignty under the United States constitutional framework as “domestic dependent nations.” The mint uses the proceeds to help fund anti-poverty, educational, and health care initiatives on the reservation. Moreover, and equally important, their work helps raise historical awareness about the tribe’s cultural life while inspiring a sense of pride in the community itself.