Obverse Side

Featuring a beautifully designed, single African elephant, posed as to possibly warn the rest of the herd of any dangers lurking among the overgrown bush under the vibrant Somalian sun, this delightful coin has been engraved the words “African Wildlife,” “Elephant,” and the coin’s weight, metal content, and purity on the obverse side.

2016 1 oz Somalian Silver Elephant coin

Reverse Side

As is already a tradition, the reverse side showcases the Somalian coat of arms, which presents a pair of leopards holding a heraldic shield featuring a background of horizontal lines with a single star at its center. As part of this year’s design, the year of minting has been divided to show two digits on either side of the shield, while the words “Somali Republic” have been engraved above and to the center, and the face value immediately below the coat of arms.

2016 1 oz Somalian Silver Elephant coin

Other Highlights

To maintain the high quality of the coins and their pristine condition, they are shipped in individual plastic sleeves, mint tubes of 20, or special boxes issued by the Bavarian State Mint which contain 500 or more coins. Each coin weighs one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver, and once again maintains its standard measurement of 3 mm in thickness of 3 mm and 39 mm in diameter. As of January 2016, the lowest price on the market for the 2016 Somalian Silver Elephant Coin has been $16.48, making it not only a perfect addition to any coin collection, but also a worthwhile investment.

Starting in 2004, when the African Elephant Series was switched from Zambia (1999-2003) to Somalia, the Bavarian Mint had kept this coin’s mintage under strict control, striking only 5,000 coins annually until 2008. After this, the mintage has increased yearly, reaching an impressive 170,000 in 2011. The Somalian Elephant coin is minted both in silver and gold, as well as in proof and bullion versions.

About Elephants

The African Elephant, which can be easily identified thanks to its large radiating ears that are reminiscent of the continent’s shape, is not only the largest land animal on the planet, it is also one of the world’s most majestic creatures, a fact that may have caused it mostly due to the now . Today, are being made to protect and save the species, although some populations continue to be endangered, making the Somalian Silver Elephant Coin a perfect way to call attention to the elephant’s plight.

So don’t hesitate and purchase yours today! Whether you are just starting out as a collector, or have been following the series right from the start, the 2016 1 oz Somalian Silver Elephant coin is a welcome addition to any collection around.