The Rwanda African Wildlife series first began in 2008 with the release of the Rwanda Gorilla Coin, which featured a male, female and adolescent Silverback Gorilla. This silver coin series focuses on the magnificent beauty found in the natural wildlife that is indigenous to the African continent.

Ironically, the name of the series is a bit misleading as the focus of the series is on indigenous African wildlife as a whole and not just the Rwanda region. While the reverse design of the coin is the same from year to year, the obverse design changes to feature different notable African animals.

About the Rwanda Wildlife

The Rwanda Wildlife series has chosen a different notable animal to feature each year on their limited edition coins. Featuring such animals as the Silverback Gorilla, Elephant, Lion, Zebra, Rhino, Cheetah, Impala and Buffalo, this series showcases some of the most magnificent and beautiful creatures of the African continent.

Coin Design and Specifications

The 2015 Rwanda Silver African Buffalo coin is the most recent addition to the Rwanda African Wildlife collection, making it the 7th edition of the limited collection. With only 5,000 coins minted in each edition, these coins have become a highly popular addition for any coin collection that is expected to retain its value.

Silver African Buffalo Coin Obverse Design

There are certain features that are common to all silver coins in the Rwanda Wildlife collection, such as the year of issue, weight, metal content, purity and the phrase, “African Ounce.” Another feature that is common to all coins in the collection is the rugged design of the African continent on the upper right area of the coin.

Unique to the 2015 Rwanda Silver African Buffalo coin is the display of a Cape Buffalo mother and her calf, which are grazing in an open field. In addition to being known for their astonishingly long memories, they have also been known to kill lions and even hunt out lion cubs. The Cape Buffalo is not only a proud and unique animal of the African continent, but a renowned one as well.

2015 Rwanda Silver African Buffalo

Silver African Buffalo Coin Reverse Design

The reverse design of the 2015 Rwanda Silver African Buffalo Coin is the same as every other silver coin in the series. Proudly displaying the official seal and coat oa arms of Rwanda, as well as an inscription that is written in the native language of a tribe that has called Rwanda home for many centuries. Finally, it also showcases the silver coins face value of 50 RWF francs.

2015 Rwanda Silver African Buffalo Coins

If you are a coin enthusiast who is looking for the perfect addition to their collection, then the 2015 Rwanda Silver African Buffalo Coin is the perfect choice. Of course, as the 7th edition of this limited series, no collection would be complete without the other Rwanda Wildlife series coins. Whether as a gift or a cherished collection addition, this unique coin is sure to being joy for generations to come.