Each year, the ever changing, featured wildlife of the Rwanda Silver Wildlife series can be found on the obverse side of the coin. The Rwanda Silver Wildlife series, beginning with the Rwanda Gorilla Coin in 2008, celebrates the magnificent beauty of the wildlife found on the African plains. However, the title of the series may be a bit misleading, since not all of the animals featured are native to Rwanda, but the African continent as a whole. Like many other nature-inspired coins, the Rwanda Silver Wildlife series celebrates the abundant beauty found in nature’s creations.

Obverse Design

Commonly found on the obverse side of all Rwanda Wildlife Series coins is the phrase, “African Ounce,” the year of issue, metal content, purity, and weight. In addition, the obverse side always features a rugged outline of the continent of Africa.

As one of the most endangered species of Africa, the African Rhino is a perfect choice for this exclusive, limited edition series. With the continent of Africa artfully arched over the featured animals in the upper right area, a mother rhino and her calf are carefully depicted in brilliant detail in the lower left quadrant.

2012 Rwanda 1 oz Silver African Rhino

Reverse Design

Every coin in the Rwanda Wildlife series features the same reverse design of the Rwandan coat of arms and official seal, and an inscription written in the native tongue of a Rwandan tribe that has resided in the Rwandan area for hundreds of years. In addition, the reverse side also displays the face value of 50 RWF Francs.

2012 Rwanda 1 oz Silver African Rhino

Great for Collecting or Gifting

The 2012 Rwanda 1 oz Silver African Rhino BU is a perfect addition to any coin enthusiasts collection and is an absolute must-have for anyone’s Rwanda Wildlife series collection. These limited edition coins also make an ideal gift for anyone who loves African wildlife and the beauty of nature. If you are considering making the Rwanda Wildlife series a part of your coin collection, it would not be complete without the addition of the African Rhino.