The Rwanda silver coin, being the first in the series had its specifications that are there up to now. The denomination of the coin is fifty francs, and the coin can only be issued in Rwanda.

The length of the coin is 40mm, and its total weight is 31.1grams. The coin is also 3mm thick. It is made out of 1oz. of 0.999 pure silver. The elephant coin has a brilliant uncirculated mint blister finish to it. You will also find that the coin has a reeded edge.

Reverse Design

On the reverse of the coin, you will see an elephant family. The image is that of a bull, a cow and a calf. The lettering found on this side of the coin is as follows,’ BANKI NAKURU Y’U RWANDA. AMAFARANGA 50 MIRONGO ITANU’.

Obverse Design

The obverse of the coin, on the other hand, carries the official seal of Rwanda. The lettering on this side is different. It reads as follows, ‘AFRICAN OUNCE 2009, 1oz. FINE SILVER 999.’ The obverse side of the coin is the only side that changes in the series. The legal tender of the silver elephant coin is fifty Rwandan francs.

Once you make your order to get a silver elephant coin, you find that the coin arrives in perfect condition. This is because of the protective mint packaging. There about 1000 coins manufactured in every series to be distributed globally. This makes the coins hard to find as they are limited. Hence, the value of the silver elephant coin can be seen as this coin would be a great addition to any collector. The 2009 1 oz. Silver elephant coin can be said to be worth its value.

Other Coins in the Wildlife Series

Other coins in the Rwanda Wildlife series are the silver African buffalo, silver zebra coin, silver African Impala, silver African rhino, the silver African lion and the silver African cheetah. These minted coins are not common and with their value have attracted a lot of interest from people all over the world. The wildlife series advertises and shows the African kingdom with all its beauty. The coin has retained its original design since the beginning of the series. Each coin in the series is minted only until the next coin is released. This makes the coins very exclusive for a limited period of time.