Sunshine Mint Silver Bar Prices


The Sunshine Mint, located in Idaho, is one of America’s largest minting companies. Aside from providing minting services to various governments and private companies throughout the world, Sunshine also mints its own brand name silver bars. These bars range in weight from 1 oz to 100 troy ounces and are minted with .999 pure silver. Most of the bullion minted by Sunshine is stamped with the sunshine silver eagle logo making their products recognizable and easy to identify. Below you can compare top rated dealer prices for Sunshine Mint silver bars.

*Prices shown are for the 100 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar. If the dealer doesn’t carry the 100oz Sunshine bar, we use 10 oz bar pricing.

Sunshine Silver Bar Dealer Price Comparison

BBB Rating: A+
  • Low As $2,070.00( 89¢/oz over spot)
  • Weights: 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, 100oz
  • Free Shipping On All Orders
  • $100 Minimum
  • Low As $2,048.00(69¢/oz over spot)
  • Free Shipping Over $250
  • Weight: 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, 100oz
  • All Packages Insured
  • No Minimum Purchase
BBB Rating: A+
  • Low As $206.80($0.89/oz over spot)
  • $7.77 Shipping On All Orders
  • Weights: 100oz
  • Low Price Guarantee
  • No Order Minimum

Sunshine silver bars are so widely sought after by investors simply because of the respect and renown that comes with the Sunshine name. Founded in 1979 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, it is no coincidence that Sunshine is located in one of the most silver-rich regions of the world. Their offering of silver bars ranges in size from as small as a 1/2 oz to as large as 100 ounces, with many other sizes in between. With purities that are among the highest in the industry, you really can’t go wrong with Sunshine Mint silver bars. What’s more, they also offer a wide variety of silver rounds as well.

A Review of Sunshine Mint Silver Bars

As was stated above, the Sunshine Mint was founded shortly before 1980 as a full-service minting facility. Their website claims that Sunshine has centuries of experience dealing with precious metals, making them one of the most experienced, most trusted producers of bullion in the United States and the world. They pride themselves in the quality of their products as well as the innovative way in which they do business. Apart from the production of silver bullion bars, Sunshine also produces gold bars and silver rounds and still manages to have a foothold in a number of other industries as well.

Sunshine may not be the largest or most well-known mint in the world, but their products are regarded highly by investors for their quality and purity.

The one aspect of Sunshine’s products that stand out more than any other is the fact that all sunshine bars are equipped with anti-counterfeiting technology. This small, yet very vital, facet of their products is what gives investors so much confidence when purchasing Sunshine bullion. Counterfeits are becoming increasingly common in today’s market, and Sunshine is on the first line of defense against unscrupulous producers and sellers.

Types of Precious Metals Offered

As mentioned previously, Sunshine produces gold and silver bullion bars and rounds. Though they are much more focused on the production of silver, their offering of gold does not at all skimp when it comes to variety and size.

Silver Bullion

Sunshine’s offering of silver products come in the form of bars and rounds across a wide spectrum of size. All of their silver products are minted with an industry standard purity of .999, or 99.9% pure silver. In addition to this, every bar and round is equipped with a Mint Mark SI™ counterfeit device. The small addition to every bar looks like a small circle to the naked eye, but when held up against a Sunshine Mint decoder card, the word “VALID” will appear in order to confirm that the bar is, in fact, authentic.

10ozsunshinebarcacheGold Bullion

The gold bullion offered by Sunshine comes in the form of gold bars only, but the quantity of sizes is truly impressive. Their bullion gold bars range in size from as small as 1 gram to as large as 1 kilogram and are all comprised of .9999 (99.99% pure) gold. These bars are also equipped with the Mint Mark SI feature.

sunshinegoldbarTypes of Bullion Offered by the Sunshine Mint

Simply put, Sunshine produces silver bullion bars and rounds, and only produces gold in the form of bars. Though it may be discouraging to see them offer such a limited selection of bullion, your disappointment will fade upon the realization that the size variety of their bullion is truly vast. Whether you are a small time investor just looking to get started investing or a more experienced buyer of bullion, Sunshine products have you covered.

With an anti-counterfeit device located on every product offered, you never have to worry or lose sleep over the authenticity of the bullion which you are purchasing. This fact alone is enough to draw investors to Sunshine products over those from other mints.
Sunshine’s complete product offering is as follows:

Gold Bar sizes:

• 1 gram
• 2 gram
• 2.5 gram
• 5 gram
• 10 gram
• ½ ounce
• 20 gram
• 1 ounce
• 50 gram
• 100 gram
• 5 ounce
• 10 ounce
• 1 kilogram

Silver Bar sizes:

• ½ ounce
• 1 ounce
• 5 ounce
• 10 ounce
• 1 kilogram
• 50 ounces
• 100 ounces

Silver Round sizes:

• ½ ounce
• 1 ounce
• 5 ounce
• 10 ounce

Advantages of Buying Sunshine Mint Silver Bullion

Above all else, the biggest perk to own Sunshine Mint silver and gold bullion is the fact that you can, by yourself, certify that the bar is authentic. With bars and rounds from other producers, it is either impossible to verify the authenticity or a very cumbersome process of identifying a serial number and subsequently looking it up. To that end, any counterfeiter can fake a serial number; no one is able to fake the Mint Mark SI technology found on Sunshine products.

mintmarksinewAnother perk to owning Sunshine Mint's bullion is the unmatched quality each and every product is made with. Their bars are extremely beautiful and, though aesthetics do not matter nearly as much as the weight and purity, it is always preferred to have an aesthetically pleasing bar over one that is ragged and beat up.

Sunshine Mint Silver Bullion Prices

Sunshine products are priced middle-of-the-road. Of course, the exact pricing of their products is wholly dependent on the person or company selling the metals, but more often than not you will find Sunshine products priced fairly. This an especially impressive feat when you consider the advance anti-counterfeit technology present on every bar and round.


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