OPM Silver Bar Prices

OPM Silver bars are a favorable option for many investors seeking the lowest price per ounce over spot price for their silver bullion investment. These bars are minted by Ohio Precious Metals (OPM) located in Ohio, USA. OPM Metals makes silver bars in one, ten, kilogram and one-hundred troy ounce sizes which are all .999 or 99.9% pure. Aside from making these sized bars they also mint silver rounds and good delivery silver bars that banks and large financial institutions trade with. In fact OPM Metals is the largest US manufacturer of good delivery bars for both gold and silver.

OPM Silver Bar Price Comparison

*Please note that “Over Spot” prices listed are the premium per ounce over spot price for the highest quantity discount. The prices displayed are for 100oz OPM Silver Bars.


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  • Weights: 1oz, 10oz, Kilo, 100oz
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A Review of OPM Metals & Their Silver Bars

OPM, or Ohio Precious Metals, was founded in the mid-1970s in the town of Jackson, Ohio. What first began as a small group of people reclaiming precious metals from telephone equipment has since evolved into one of the biggest names in the precious metals industry in the United States. Up until 2003, OPM went through a number of ownership changes but were able to keep the same basic corporate structure until officially deciding on the Ohio Precious Metals, LLC name we know today.

OPM Metals has since joined forces with another major US-based precious metals producer and, as such, has made a name for themselves as arguably the largest and most well-known American-owned precious metals producer.


Something that separates OPM’s precious metals offering from that of most other producers is the fact that OPM is a socially and environmentally responsible producer. What we mean by this is that OPM mints its precious metals bars from recycled materials whenever possible. Their offering of 1 oz silver bars, for example, is made up of completely recycled material. This is an attractive prospect for those investors who also consider themselves environmentally-conscious.

Types of Metals Offered

Ohio Precious Metals offers only gold and silver to investors at this time. Their offering of gold and silver is enough to satisfy most any type of savvy investor, but is definitely geared towards those who prefer to buy larger quantities of metal at a single point in time at a low cost. Their use of recycled silver and large refining facility combined with the simple designs used on their bullion makes it one of the cheapest option in the marketplace.

Silver Bullion

All OPM Metals silver bars carry an industry standard purity of .999, meaning that the bars themselves are comprised of 99.9% pure silver with no filler metals. OPM silver bars often contain simple, yet effective designs which are widely recognized in the industry. Their bars bear only the OPM Metals logo and weight and purity marks with no fancy designs.

Gold Bullion

The purity of OPM gold bars .9999 (99.99% or 24k) and is also standard for precious gold produced nowadays. These bars often contain straightforward designs as well catering to those seeking to purchase bullion at a low price per ounce.

Types of Bullion OPM Offers

OPM offers both bullion bars and rounds to investors, though their selection of bars is far greater than their offering of rounds. With regard to their silver and gold bars, OPM mints them with their weight and purity listed directly on the bar itself. The same can be said about their silver rounds. What’s more, most larger gold bars offered by OPM boast a unique serial number used to guarantee the authenticity of the bar itself as well as protect against counterfeits.
opm-productsTaking the protection and security of their smaller bars one step further than most other dealers, OPM elects to protect smaller gold bars in an assay card. With regard to OPM gold bars, assay is simply a protective plastic case with a card attached to it. The assay card lists the bar’s weight, purity, serial number, and a few other pieces of information to ensure that it is, in fact, an authentic gold bar.

The different types of bullion currently offered by OPM are:

  • 1 oz silver bars/rounds
  • 10 oz silver bars
  • 1 kg silver bars
  • 100 oz silver bars
  • 1 oz gold bars
  • 1 kg gold bars

Perks of Owning OPM Silver Bars

One of the biggest advantages that comes along with ownership of OPM gold and silver is the fact that each and every OPM bar is guaranteed to be authentic. While not every bar boasts a unique serial number, those that do offer the owner a front-line of defense against counterfeits as well as a very simple way of ensuring the bar’s authenticity.

Another perk of owning OPM silver bars has to do with OPM being one of the most socially responsible precious metals producers in North America and the world. Most OPM products are made with at least a small amount of recycled material, and by taking on ownership of OPM bullion in lieu of another brand, you are doing your best to be an environmentally-friendly precious metals investor.

OPM Gold & Silver Bullion Prices

As far as pricing is concerned, OPM bullion can best be described as cheaply priced. Their gold bars more often than not carry a lower premium than similarly sized bars offered by other producers while their silver bars also tend to be slightly cheaper than the industry average. Of course, prices and premiums will vary depending on where you are purchasing the metal from, but this much holds true more often than not.


Ohio Precious Metals
1 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz, 1 Kilo

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