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Geiger Edelmetalle, more commonly referred to simply as “Geiger” is a German producer of silver bars that has a history dating back more than 750 years. Though they produce other types of metals and coins, Geiger is known throughout the world of precious metals investing for their fine silver bars. Historically, Switzerland is the European country most people think of when they think of European precious metals, but Geiger ensures that Germany is right up there as a top European outlet for gold and silver of all types.

*Prices shown are for the 10 oz Geiger Security Line Silver Bar.

Geiger Silver Bar Price Comparison

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With regard to their silver bars specifically, Geiger produces a wide variety such that they market themselves to both new and existing investors. What’s more, the diversity of their product selection is such that investors can utilize Geiger products to both start a new investment just as easily as they can utilize Geiger products to add to a preexisting investment.

A Review of Geiger Edelmetalle & Their Silver Bars

Believe it or not, Geiger’s history can be traced back to the first two decades after the turn of the 13th century. At this time, Geiger’s founders and many of their associates were integral in creating Germany’s first silver trade in the town of Leipzig. From then on, Geiger began growing and expanding their reach both across Germany and the world. Nowadays, Geiger is one of the most trusted names in the precious metals industry and is known for their production of high quality bars and rounds, as well as a number of other collectible coins. Though most people may not think of Germany as being the place to go to when in need of precious metals, Geiger does well to change that thought process ever so slightly.

Geiger’s silver bars tend to have more or less a uniform design. On almost every bar, the mint honors their history by depicting the famous Schloss Güldengossa castle. On the bar’s opposite side, you will find the Geiger name with the purity and weight (in German). Most of Geiger’s silver bars are equipped with a “Security Line” feature that helps the investor determine and verify the authenticity of the bar which they are in possession of.

Types of Metals Offered

Though Geiger originally became known as a prominent figure in the silver industry, they have since evolved to encompass a much larger part of the wider precious metals industry. As such, the historic mint produces silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. The wide array of metals offered means investors can go to Geiger for literally all of their precious metals needs.

Silver Bullion

Most people know Geiger due to their large offering of silver bars, but the reality is that the company produces much more than silver bars alone. In addition to bullion bars, Geiger also produces coins and rounds. Countries like Armenia seek out Geiger to produce their coins due to the extremely high quality with which Geiger produces their products. Anything that isn’t a government-sanctioned coin will feature the Geiger name, weight, and the .999 (99.9%) purity indication. In today’s industry, a purity level of .999 has become more or less an industry standard.

Gold Bullion

Though they do produce a number of gold bullion products, their overall selection is not nearly as diverse as their selection of silver bullion. Generally, Geiger’s offering of gold is limited to bars ranging in size. Luckily for investors, the design and format of their gold bars is very similar to that of their silver bars.

Types of Bullion Geiger Offers

Geiger produces a lot of different products such that investors of all types are able to purchase Geiger bullion. Their offering is undoubtedly dominated by silver bars, but the reality of the matter is that their product offering extends far beyond bars alone. The ability to cater to the needs of all types of investors in conjunction with the fact that they have such an extensive history is a major part of the reason behind why investors are so absolutely in love with Geiger and the products this company produces. The following is a list of some of Geiger’s most popular bullion products:

Gold Bars:

• 1 kilogram
• 1 gram
• 2.5 grams
• 5 grams
• 100 grams
• 250 grams
• 500 grams

Silver Bars:

• 5 grams
• 10 grams
• 20 grams
• 1 ounce
• 50 grams
• 100 grams
• 10 ounces
• 100 ounces


• ¼ ounce (silver)
• ½ ounce (silver)
• 1 ounce (silver)

Advantages of Buying Geiger Bullion

One of the biggest advantages that comes with buying Geiger silver bars is the fact that you are buying the product of one of the world’s biggest and most-trusted producers of precious metals. Having had a foothold in the industry for hundreds and hundreds of years, it is easy to see why so many people want to get their hands on Geiger bullion. Another advantage that comes along with investing in bullion made by Geiger is the fact that they afford you the peace of mind that comes with their security features. With so many counterfeit products making rounds today, it is nice to know that Geiger is on the front lines of protecting you from counterfeit products.

Geiger Gold and Silver Bullion Prices

For the most part, Geiger’s products are fairly priced and do not carry ridiculously high premiums. That being said, they do sell for slightly more than some other brands like NTR Metals or Ohio Precious Metals due to the advanced security features. Of course, the exact price you pay for a Geiger product is wholly dependent on the retailer through which you purchase said product. As not all dealers are created equally, one may charge a higher price than another.


Geiger (Security Line Series)
10 troy ounce
13 mm
2-9/16” x 1-3/8” x 1/2”

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