This silver bar portrays an astronaut as he walks on the moon in his full suit and gear on its obverse side, while it shows a rocket launching into space on the reverse side. The photo engraving of the bar utilizes the latest technology advancements to show detail and a high quality depiction of the imagery.

The Silverbugs in Space Silver Bar comes in an air-right container that optimally can protect and display it. This plastic bar capsule and polybag is a great way to store it in your collection without having to further work on how you want to show it of. The North American Mint is producing these bars, and it has been in operation since 1986. It is working with the Silverbug community to create other silver items as well. This community-crafted bar is one of many anticipated designs as a result of this collaboration.

Obverse Side: Man on the Moon

The moon landing is one of the most enduring and important moments in modern history. When the first man walked on the moon in 1969, it marked the beginning of a new era. The iconic lunar landing scene on the Space Silver Bar is depicted in detail that’s unlike imagery on other coins or bars. This silver bar shows the NASA astronaut as he is walking on the moon’s surface, and it is so detailed that you are also shown what he is seeing thanks to the reflection in his visor shield. This image within an image shows another astronaut who is exiting to the moon from the lunar lander.


The text “Silverbugs in Space” is engraved and layered in a curved pattern from the upper left hand corner to just above the right corner of the image that’s shown. The Silverbugs Robo Logo is shown on the upper right hand corner on the obverse side. It includes a distinct symbol and the words “In Silver We Trust”, which is a fun play on the phrase that is featured on legal tender in the United States.

Reverse Side: Rocket in Space

A rocket that’s launching into space catches the eye on the reverse side of the Silverbugs in Space Silver Bar. A window and detailed components of the rocket’s exterior add to the appeal of the image. Smoke plumes are one of the fine details in this piece. They are presented in attractive swirls that may also be seen as decorative touches until one looks at the details of what is going on in the scene.


A striking, detailed image of the moon is near the top of the coin. It’s layered beneath the depiction of the rocket. Just above the moon, the text on the bar’s reverse side says “To The Moon” before stating the weight and composition of the bar.