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Silver rounds are a popular option to both investors and even coin collectors. Though they are produced by a huge number of mints and are available with a range of designs, they are most commonly available in the one troy ounce size containing .999 pure silver. Silver rounds are often available for very small markups over the spot price of silver and contain similar designs to popular coins.

The chart below includes the lowest out the door price per round that we found online for bulk quantities. These rounds contain some of the most popular designs which include a variety that were inspired from past US coin series. Much like coins such as the American Silver Eagle, bullion rounds are usually shipped in mint tubes of 20 and are in new condition unless you are buying vintage rounds like the Engelhard Prospector. All of the rounds listed in our chart are .999 pure and weigh one troy ounce.

People often confuse the two terms; rounds and coins even though there are a few distinct differences between these two forms of silver bullion. The most common reason people will mistake a silver coin for a round (or vice versa), is the fact that they are very similar in both appearance and shape. Both of these types of bullion are circular and contain reeded edges with new finishes similar to a coin. Besides this similarity, there are also a good bit of differences which we will outline below.

Silver Coins

One of the first major differences between silver rounds and coins is that coins are only able to be produced by government operated mints. Silver coins are fully backed by the country in which they were minted, guaranteed to be 100% authentic and pure. As an example: the US Mint American Silver Eagle coin is composed of 1 troy ounce of .999 pure silver and also holds a $1 USD face value in the united states.

One fact that some people might see as a downside is that since the production of coins are controlled by only one source; the government, a minting shortage can cause premiums to rise. Because rounds are privately minted by a variety of different facilities across the world, their is usually large amounts available to investors. This means that premiums over spot for rounds tends to fluctuate less than it does for coins.

Silver Rounds

Whereas silver bullion coins are minted only by governments, silver rounds are able to be produced by any privately operated mint or refinery. More often than not rounds will contain a unique designs and can often be bought in brand new or pre-owned condition. Because rounds are not backed by the government, they are not accepted as legal currency.

Silver Round Premiums

Because silver rounds are produced by such a large amount of private mints and often contain more straightforward, simplistic designs, they cost less to manufacture. These low costs then get passed down from mints to distributors and finally to the investor. Some investors prefer the lower cost per ounce of rounds, while others prefer to buy coins for their design and government backing.

Buying Silver Rounds Online

Today, there are a plethora of silver dealers online who sell bullion rounds and many investors enjoy buying them on the internet because of the simplicity. Purchasing silver rounds online is often inexpensive and there are a ton of brands of silver rounds along with many sizes to choose from. You can usually pick up silver rounds for sale online from 1/10th oz to 10 oz weights. However the 1 oz size is the most widely sold piece online by far. You can usually purchase silver rounds online by using a credit card, PayPal, check, money order or bank wire.

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