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Below is our silver price comparison chart where you can see what price each dealer is offering for a specific product. To start comparing, just select the type of silver bullion you are looking for and then select the brand on the following page. The price of silver that we display are calculated by subtracting the lowest price offered by each dealer from their live silver price.

Compare Prices on Silver Bullion Bars, Coins & Round Prices

Finding the Lowest Prices on Silver

Silver spot prices are an important factor to any precious metals investor. This price varies from day to day during normal market hours and will affect the price you pay for any silver bar, coin or round. Many investors constantly follow the price of silver and try to get the lowest price per ounce or gram and buy when the price is most favorable. Other investors will buy silver every week, month or year regardless of silver prices in an attempt to cost average their investment. Below we will go over the prices associated with different types of bullion and the best ways to get the lowest prices.

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Getting the Smallest Premiums on Silver Bullion

If you are going to be buying silver bullion online, one of your biggest concerns is likely going to be premiums. Making sure that you are always paying the lowest premiums available can play a crucial role in your silver investment and affect any potential ROI. That is why we compiled our lists of popular silver coins & bars with each online dealer’s lowest premium for each product. Now you can find silver coin & bar prices all on one page so you don’t have to waste time clicking around from site to site.

Silver Bar Prices

Silver bars can often be purchased for only a dollar or two over the current spot price of silver (and sometimes even lower), making them one of the cheapest options. When purchasing larger sized bars such as the 10 oz and 100 oz variations, you can often get the price per ounce down even lower. The low cost per ounce of silver bars puts them in high demand by investors, and buying them in bulk is usually the cheapest way to acquire physical silver bullion bars with free shipping.

Silver Coin Prices

Silver coins are often more expensive relative to the spot price of silver, generally going for two to five dollars more per ounce than silver bars. One of the reasons that silver coins fetch a pretty high premium is that they cost more to make. Many government minted coins feature elaborate, artfully crafted designs representing a country’s national landmark or a historically significant figure. This also means that many silver coins are more collectible which can raise their premiums even more.

Another reason silver coins carry higher premiums is that since they are only manufactured by select government run mints, they are often produced in lesser quantities than other types of bullion as there are hundreds if not thousands of private mints producing silver rounds & bars everyday. Coins are only minted on a yearly basis, meaning that coins minted in certain years can be more collectible than others and their value can be higher to collectors than its actual value in silver.

Silver Rounds Prices

Much like silver bars, silver rounds are favored by investors of physical silver bullion by the fact that they can often be purchased at very low premiums over the spot price of silver. Some pieces such as the silver eagle and Morgan design silver rounds feature identical designs as the original coins themselves but can often be found for premiums of as low as a dollar or two over spot per oz. This is much cheaper than the coin versions which usually sell for anywhere from $2-$4 over spot price.

Other Silver Bullion Pricing Factors

Aside from the physical price of silver bullion, there are also several other factors that can affect the price. Simple things, such as the way you choose to pay for your silver can even play a role in the price you pay. With certain payments like a credit card for example, there are other transactional costs added on to the purchase. While this varies from dealer to dealer, we will go over some of the basics you should keep in mind when buying silver online.

Credit & Debit Card Price

When buying online, many dealers allow investors to pay for their purchase using a credit or debit card. If you choose to use this method as payment for your precious metals there are a few pros and cons. Probably the biggest drawback is that each dealer charges a credit card processing fee which can be anywhere from two to five percent. Obviously if you are making a fairly large investment, this percentage can equate to a sizable dollar amount.

While using a credit card may cost you more, it does have a few advantages as well. If you are questionable about a dealer, using a credit card may potentially be to your benefit. In the rare event you don’t receive your order or have any issues, you can always charge the purchase back or dispute it with your credit card company. Another fact to note is that many dealers also have maximum order sizes for credit cards due to a high risk of fraudulent purchases. That being said, if you plan on buying a large amount of silver, you may not be able to use a card.

Paper Check & Bank Wire Prices

When purchasing metal for your silver investment online, most all dealers allow payment via a paper check or bank wire transfer. Since there are often no processing charges associated with this form of payment, it can be less expensive than using a credit card. By choosing to pay for your investment with one of these options, dealers often charge anywhere from 3% – 5% less than if using a credit card.

One of the only disadvantages to using the paper check method of payment is that it may take longer for your order to be processed. Dealers usually have to wait for your funds to clear into their account. This can sometimes add up to a week onto the order processing part of the process. If using a bank wire transfer, your bank may also charge a wire fee though this is usually no more than $20 or so which can be less than the 4% or so you would pay for using plastic.

Shipping Fees For Silver Bullion

The last factor you should take into consideration when buying silver online is the shipping costs associated with the order. This can vary on order weight, destination or dollar value so it is worth checking into before ordering. Luckily, today most dealers have very low rates on shipping and many even offer free shipping on orders over a certain price (as low as $100).

Common Silver Mints & Brands

There are tons of mints and refineries who produce silver bullion and coin for investors. Some of these mints are privately owned and others are government owned. Listed below are some of the world’s most popular government mints and silver minting companies:

Buying Silver FAQ

Before buying silver bullion for the first time, many new investors have a few questions they will want to know the answer to prior to making a purchase. Below we will address some of the most commonly questions asked by new precious metal investors.

How can I get the cheapest prices for silver?

Purchasing silver bullion bars, coins, and rounds is one of the most cost effective ways to invest in precious metals. Silver is one of the least expensive precious metals making it one of the most popular in the bullion market. Not only is silver popular amongst physical bullion investors but it also has numerous industrial and medical uses.

When purchasing physical silver bullion online it can be difficult to find the best prices on a desired product. Below we will explain different ways of ensuring that you always get the best deal for your physical silver investment.

  1. Buying in Bulk – The best way to get the cheapest prices for silver bars, coins and rounds online is to stick with one product and buy in bulk. Most silver dealers have price breaks for each item at different quantities. This means the larger the quantity of coins, rounds or bars you purchase, the lower the premium would be per item. This can save you a sizable amount of money over time and will ensure that you always get the best price for your silver bullion investment.
  2. Shop Around – If buying silver in smaller quantities, the best way to get the most metal for your investment is simply to shop around and compare prices that different gold and silver dealers offer for the product you plan on ordering.

Should I buy silver bars, coins or rounds?

Whether you buy silver bars, silver coins, or silver rounds doesn’t necessarily matter, it all comes down to your personal preferences. What you want to look for when comparing different silver products is the silver purity and weight. If the silver purity and weight are the same for two different products and the prices are different that means that the more expensive product carries a higher premium.

Generally silver rounds and bars carry a lower premium over spot price, so if you are looking to get the most pure silver bullion for your money then usually this is the way to go.

The positive to buying silver coins is that they have a legal tender value in the issuing country. For example the American Silver Eagle contains one troy ounce of silver and also carries a $1 face value in the United States. Because coins are recognized to be legal currency, mints will often use great design and minting techniques to make the coins, meaning they have very attractive designs.

If I buy silver at a higher premium now will I be able to resell it at the same premium?

Just because you pay a higher amount over the current spot price for silver bullion, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get more if you went to sell it, however, it also depends on a few things. As an example, most government minted silver coins will hold their value relative to spot price somewhat well over time depending on the condition and the overall desirability to investors.

For rounds and bars however, you would want to find the lowest premiums when buying because you are mainly paying for the silver content. Ultimately it comes down to the popularity and collectibility that the product holds later on down the road.

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