Though Cache Metals has been a local coin dealer since 2009, they are fairly new in the online physical Gold and Silver bullion world. After the success of their local shop in Toronto, Canada they started focusing on expanding their business to the internet in 2012. Since then, they have become one of Canada’s largest suppliers of Gold ad Silver bullion and coins to individual investors.

Bullion Selection

Compared to other online dealers, Cache Metals carries a fairly limited product selection with only a few brands and mints to choose from. Though they limit their selection, they do have most of their inventory listed at reasonable premiums and seem to carry most of the popular gold and silver bars and coins. They also have a brick and mortar retail store for those wishing to buy their bullion locally as well which is located in Toronto, Canada.

Cache Metals Pricing’s pricing seems to be lower for their domestic coins; i.e. the Canadian Gold and Silver Maple Leaf’s while for foreign and American coins they tend to be a little on the high side. Their Gold and Silver bullion bars do seem to be reasonably priced and their premiums are very much in line with most of their competitors. On their website they also advertise a low price guarantee for Canadian dealers, so if you find a lower price elsewhere they will match it.

Cache Metals Shipping and Insurance Rates

On they advertise free shipping on orders over $5,000 going to Canada. For orders under $5,000 they charge a flat rate of $19.95. This seems to be reasonable and is in line with most other online dealers. They also have some great quantity discounts so if you plan on making a larger sized investment they seem like a good place to do so.

Customer Service Staff

Cache Metals has a team of customer service representatives which are available via telephone and email. Their service staff consists of individuals who are fluent in a number of national languages and believe that market research and analysis are key tools in their customer relationship. Their standard business hours are Mon-Thurs 9:00am – 5:00pm EST and Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm EST.

Cache Metals Complaints and BBB Review

Though Cache Metals is not fully accredited with the BBB, they do have a company profile on the BBB website. Since they are not accredited, they don’t have a rating yet. The better business bureau does not have sufficient information to assign the company a rating, mainly due to two factors; 1. they have had no complaints and 2. they have not been in business for a lengthy amount of time. This can be both good and bad; good in the fact that they haven’t had any customer complaints filed against them, and bad in the fact that they are a fairly new company. Though this company is new to the internet, they do appear to take their reputation seriously and it looks like so far they have done some good things.

Is Cache Metals a Scam?

To the best of our knowledge is not a scam. Though they have only been in the online gold and silver retail game for just over a year now, no complaints or issues have surfaced regarding their products or services. Another factor we took into consideration in making our decision is the fact that they have a brick and mortar store and also offer a low price Canadian dealer guarantee. On top of this, they appear to use legitimate and honest marketing and sales tactics.

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