BGASC is an online dealer of physical gold, silver, platinum and copper bullion bars and coins. The abbreviation in their name stands for “Buy Gold and Silver Coins” and their website; has been around since July of 2012. Like many other online precious metal dealers, BGASC carries a wide array of products from which to choose. Dedicated to honest and straightforward business practices, BGASC is one of the better online gold and silver dealers that we have found

BGASC Pricing

By looking at the products listed on their website, you will see that BGASC prices their bullion very competitively above the current spot price compared to most of their competitors. The prices shown on their site for all products are live and update automatically as spot values change during the day.

When compared to the prices offered for similar products on other websites, BGASC matches up well. Most of their coins, like the Silver Eagle for example are priced very competitively to other online companies as are their bullion bars and rounds. When you place and execute an order through their site, the price of the bullion is locked in until they receive payment for the order.


BGASC’s Shipping and Insurance Rates ships all of their products by USPS, but does make exceptions for monster boxes and a small selection of other products. Apart from shipments via USPS, BGASC also ships through Fed Ex and UPS. All orders totaling less than $250 will carry a $5.95 delivery fee, while all orders worth more than $250 will ship for free.

With regard to shipments, BGASC insures every package they dispatch against the unlikely occurrence of loss or damage during the shipping process. This means that if anything goes wrong during that period, your package will be insured for the full purchase price.

Payment Methods Accepted by BGASC

When purchasing precious metals from BGASC, you have the option of paying via credit/debit card, paper check, or bank wire. The requirements tied to each payment method will be elaborated upon below.

  • Paper Check – So long as your order totals in value of at least $250, you are able to pay via paper check. Keep in mind, however, that paper checks include cashier’s checks and money orders as well. While the minimum order value is $250, an order paid via check cannot exceed $100,000.
  • Bank Wire/Transfer – In order to pay via bank wire, your order must be worth at least $2,500 and cannot exceed $100,000. For phone orders paid via bank wire, there is no maximum order value.
  • Credit/Debit Card – If you would like to pay via credit card, your order cannot exceed $15,000. Luckily, credit and debit card payments carry no minimum order value. Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express are all approved for use on BGASC.


BGASC Customer Service

BGASC’s customer service options are fairly standard and consist of phone and email support. While they may not offer 24/7 customer support, their staff is competent, quick, and willing to help their customers whether they have questions before ordering or are just checking on an existing order. Their staff is available by phone at 1-888-992-4727 Monday-Friday 7-4 PST.

What Does BGASC Stand For?

BGASC stands for Buy Gold and Silver Coins. The company traces its roots back to the mid-1960s, but did not exist in its current form until much more recently when they launched their website; They list on their website that their goal is “to be in stock, ship fast, be fair & reasonable, and operate honestly and efficiently.

Is BGASC A Scam?

We do not believe BGASC is a scam. Through our research, they appear to be a legitimate US-based dealer of precious metals and have been in business for over 2 years now. Since that time they have handled thousands of safe and secure transactions. By doing a simple Google search you will find some testimonials from current customers and we couldn’t find anything but positive comments about BGASC.

Their sale of and relationships with some of the biggest names in the precious metals industry should be enough to show that they can be trusted. Though they are not part of the Better Business Bureau at this time, BGASC operates with the utmost attention paid to the quality of their customer’s experience and the quality of the product they are selling.


Currently BGASC is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and as such they have no rating. They do however have a BBB profile which shows 0 complaints over the past three years.

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