Amagi Metals is a relatively new, US-based dealer of precious metals. Though they have not been in the industry as long as some of the bigger names, they handle themselves professionally and offer great prices on most of their products as well. Unlike other dealers who also produce the metals in which they sell, Amagi strictly focuses on selling precious metals produced by a wide array of different mints.

Amagi Metals Customer Service

Just like Amagi’s site, the customer service offered is as run of the mill as they come. Amagi will not do much in the way of impressing you with how easy it is to get in touch with their customer support staff, but they also won’t disappoint you. Boasting a toll-free number (800-882-8496), an online contact form, and a customer support email address, there is no shortage of ways to reach customer service. With that said, however, we would like to see more innovative features such as live-chat customer support. When you do reach out to Amagi’s customer service via email or the online contact form, they tend to get back to you within a business day or so.

Amagi Metals Pricing

One of the most important aspects of any precious metals dealer is the price at which they sell their bullion. Surprisingly, Amagi ranks well when it comes to the pricing of their bullion in that they are about in line with the industry average. They do not at all attempt to get one over on you with regard to pricing and, if you do even a little comparison shopping, you will quickly realize that Amagi’s prices are some of the best in the industry. With that said, it is still a vitally important step to do comparison shopping between sites as there is no guaranteeing that you will be getting the most for your money on every Amagi product.

Amagi Metals IRA Program

At present, Amagi does not offer an IRA program.

Amagi Metals Shipping and Insurance Rates

Unlike other dealers of precious metals, Amagi does not offer flat shipping rates for orders. Instead, the amount charged for shipping directly coincides with how much metal you purchased. Though this is a bit inconvenient, Amagi claims that they do everything in their power to provide you with the most cost-effective shipping as possible. Amagi’s website states that orders ship within 3-5 business days of the initial purchase and will be shipped via UPS, USPS, or FedEx. The shipping service and tracking number will be provided to you after your order has been executed. One bright spot about Amagi’s shipping process is that they insure every package against any damage or loss that may occur during the shipping process.

Payment Methods Accepted by Amagi

With regard to paying for your order, Amagi offers you a few easy ways in which to do so. As is the case with most precious metals dealers nowadays, however, the method of payment which you are able to utilize must be within the requirements set forth by the amount of metal you purchased. The following lists the accepted payment methods and attached restrictions/requirements:

  1. Bank Wire: Orders over $2,000—No processing fee—2-3 business days for clearance
  2. Personal Check: Orders ranging between $1-$10,000—No processing fee—6 business days for clearance
  3. Money Order/Cashier’s Check: Orders ranging between $1-$10,000—No processing fee—1 business day for clearance
  4. PayPal/Credit Card: Orders ranging between $1-$10,000—Processing fee of 2.4-3.2% + $0.30—2 business days for clearance
  5. Bitcoin: Any/All Orders—No processing fee—1 business day for clearance

It must be mentioned that Amagi is one of the few online dealers of precious metals that is able to accept payment via the virtual currency known as Bitcoin. The currency is revolutionizing the way in which people do business, and is already hard at work at Amagi.

A Look Into Amagi Metals’ Reputation

One of the most often-asked questions with regard to any dealer of precious metals is whether or not they can be trusted. This is a very valid question, especially considering most orders of precious metals involve thousands of dollars as well as the exchange of some sensitive personal and financial information. To put it simply, we don’t believe that Amagi Metals is a scam. Amagi is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A- rating. This means that very few people complain about their services and also that when a complaint is filed, Amagi is quick to take care of the issue. Though they are relatively new to the precious metals industry, we believe that Amagi can be trusted as a place to purchase precious metals. We do always recommend that investors do their own thorough research however, which can be done by doing a simple google search or by viewing what their most recent customers have had to say about their experience on other third party review websites.

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