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New Zealand Mint Review

In operation for nearly 50 years, the New Zealand Mint creates medallions, jewelry, legal tender coins, commemorative coins, and silver and gold bullion. Its name sometimes gives people the impression that it is the mint of the New Zealand government, but the privately owned company is not the official sovereign mint of any country. It is, however, the country’s only precious metals mint. The New Zealand Mint is a thriving business that produces a variety of gold and silver products that are popular among investors, collectors, and numismatists.

This company has produced full color, innovative coins as well as more traditional gold and silver coins. So far the New Zealand Mint has provided licensed coins that depicts the most iconic characters from brands such as Disney, ITV (The Thunderbirds), Anne Geddes, BBC (Doctor Who), Hasbro (Monopoly, Magic: The Gathering), Lucasfilm Ltd. (Star Wars).

The New Zealand Mint takes great pride in presenting its products in innovative, attractive packaging that helps make them especially appealing as gift options. It doesn’t see packaging as simply a way to store and ship items, but it incorporates the sometimes themed packaging into part of the collecting experience.

The History of the New Zealand Mint


The New Zealand Mint was founded in 1967 and is based in Auckland, the most populous city in New Zealand. It is the only privately owned and operated mint in the island nation of New Zealand. It has a wonderful reputation within the industry in part because it was among the first mints in the world to adopt the now mainstream .9999 specific standards for gold coin purity. It also his well-reputed because it has very high standards for its design work and production.


After buying big lots of silver and gold, the New Zealand Mint makes high quality products with the imported precious metals. With a self-coined nickname as the Minters of the South Pacific, the New Zealand Mint does live up to its desired reputation by minting coins for their home country as well as Tuvalu, Fiji, Niue, and Cook Islands. However, many of the coins that this mint produces uses the New Zealand dollar for its designation of tinder.


Types of Precious Metals Offered by the New Zealand Mint


The New Zealand Mint creates some of the finest precious metal products in the world, and it refers to itself as New Zealand’s precious metals specialist. Just what does it specialize in exactly? That would be collectible coins, gold bullion, and silver bullion. Below are a couple of examples of the diverse items that are produced by the New Zealand Mint.


Silver Fern Bullion Coin


The New Zealand Mint creates this bullion coin that showcases what is widely considered to be the most iconic image that represents New Zealand. In fact, it was designed to commemorate the culture and heritage of the country. The coin is among the most desired pieces that have been produced by The New Zealand Mint. The Silver Fern Bullion Coin contains 1 Troy ounce of silver, with a thickness of 2.98 millimeters and a diameter of 40.6 millimeters It has a fineness of .999 pure silver.



    • Obverse Side: The obverse side of the Silver Fern Bullion Coin shows an aerial, overall view of New Zealand. It is depicted alongside a design of the four stars of the Southern Cross, the constellation that is often associated with this part of the world where it can be optimally viewed. The Maori word “Aotearoa” is placed at the top of the coin’s obverse side; this term stands for the “Land of the Long, White Clouds”. The coin’s purity and weight is placed on the bottom of this side.


    • Reverse Side: Since it is one of New Zealand’s most plentiful plants, the fern has long become a symbol of several aspects of the culture of the country. This intricate design reveals such details as the shape of the fern’s blades, and some flourishes that were inspired by New Zealand original natives, the Maori, are present. The initial “NZ” are written beneath the fern, while the country’s name is inscribed on the top of the reverse side. The term “silver fern” is written across its bottom.



Disney’s Frozen Collection


The New Zealand Mint creates a popular collection of coins that commemorate special aspects of Disney’s wildly successful animated film Frozen. This Frozen – Magic of the Northern LightsDisney coin series showcases Anna, Elsa, Sven, Kristoff, and the sisterly love between Anna and Elsa. The limited edition series would make great first coins for young collectors, and they fit perfectly in any pop culture collection. They’re also suitable for numismatists and investors.



    • Obverse Side: The obverse side of every coin in the Frozen – Magic of the Northern Lightscoin series features Ian Rank-Broadley’s well-known effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. This depiction shows the right side profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and she is looking rather serious as she stares straight ahead. The image shows the queen wearing her crown and earrings. It is detailed, and its inscription includes the 2016 year of issue and the amount of legal tinder for each coin.
    • Reverse Side: The different coins of the Frozen – Magic of the Northern Lights all showcase different color artistic depictions of characters from the beloved Disney movie. The Anna and Elsa Silver Coin shows a jovial image of the two sisters standing back-to-back with one another after reuniting beneath the Northern Lights within the Arendelle kingdom. Another coin shows Kristoff with Sven, his reindeer companion. Olaf, the adorably enchanted snowman, is the star of his own coin. Elsa and Anna also have their own individual coins. All the characters are shown beneath the Northern Lights for this series.

Other Services

The New Zealand Mint also provides secure safety deposit boxes at its state-of-the-art highly secure facility that’s located with the company’s headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. It offers allocated mint storage services there as well. Its storage options allow differing levels of accessibility depending on the storage option that each customer selects.

Buying New Zealand Mint Products Online

Many sellers of legal tender commemorative coins and silver and gold bullion offer products from the New Zealand Mint online. Many websites like APMEX, JM Bullion, and Provident Metals sell a diverse array of items from the New Zealand Mint.

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