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Johnson Matthey Mint Review

Johnson Matthey is a chemical and precious metals producer based out of London, England. Though the Johnson Matthey company now has a global foothold and an employee base of nearly 10,000, the origins of the company were actually quite small. With regard to precious metals, Johnson Matthey primarily produces silver and platinum bars across a wide range of sizes. The production of precious metals is no longer the sole aspect of JM’s business, but because of their storied history, Johnson Matthey bars are among the most sought after by investors from around the world.

The purity of Johnson Matthey silver bars is in line with the purity of most silver bars on the market today. Regardless of size, JM silver bars carry a purity of .999, or 99.9% pure silver. Their platinum bars also have a purity of .999. When you purchase Johnson Matthey silver or platinum bars many online dealers package them in bubble wrap and secure them for shipping as to avoid any damage from occurring to your bar.


Johnson Matthey History

Johnson Matthey was founded by Percival Norton Johnson in the early 1800s and served as the top gold assayer in London. No more than 40 years after Norton founded his business, George Matthey became a partner and the company was renamed Johnson & Matthey. Only a few months after Matthey joined forces with Johnson, their new company became the official gold assayer for the Bank of England. It was at this point that Johnson & Matthey branched out and built facilities elsewhere across England in order to handle their growing customer base.

About 100 years later, Johnson Matthey expanded their business into the field of banking and began making high-risk, potentially high reward, loans. This was a successful venture and by the 1980s the Johnson Matthey Bankers subsidiary was the main loaner of money to a handful of high-profile clients.

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, Johnson Matthey was one of the world’s top producers of silver and platinum. Though much of the metal they produced went on to be purchased by investors, Johnson Matthey also provided the industrial world with large amount of silver and platinum to be put to use in heavy machinery and other equipment. In fact, Johnson Matthey created the first catalysts to control vehicle pollution in the mid-1970s; a crowning achievement for the company.

Company Expansion jmfuelcells

Since the 1970s, Johnson Matthey’s presence in the auto industry has expanded dramatically and has helped reduce the emissions stemming from vehicles and heavy machinery by large margins.

Despite their business changing faces many times since it was founded, Johnson Matthey has not strayed too far away from their production of platinum and silver bars for investment purposes. Today, Johnson Matthey is one of the most trusted names in the precious metals industry, exemplified perfectly by the massive annual demand for their bullion.

Johnson Matthey Silver Barsjmbarsheet

Johnson Matthey produces a wide array of silver bars across a broad spectrum of sizes and weights. Their silver bars come in one of two varieties; pressed or poured. Pressed silver bars have edges and features that are more exact due to the fact that they were created by a mold that precisely stamps out each and every bar.

Poured bars, on the other hand, look a bit rougher due to the fact that they were created by pouring molten silver into a mold. Larger JM bars are typically made of poured silver while smaller sizes are pressed.

Johnson Matthey Platinum Bullion

In addition to a wide variety of silver bar sizes, Johnson Matthey also produces platinum bars. Unlike their offering of silver bars, JM’s platinum bars are available in only a few different sizes.

The most commonly found sizes of Johnson Matthey silver bars on the market today are 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz. With regards to Johnson Matthey platinum bars, the most commonly found sizes are 1 oz and 10 oz though these tend to be more scarce then their silver offering.

Why Investors Enjoy Buying Johnson Matthey Bars johnsonmattheylogo

Investors love Johnson Matthey bars simply because of the Johnson Matthey name. This manufacturer has been in business longer than 90% of today’s mints and therefore can be trusted much more readily than a mint that has only been in operation for a few years. In terms of reputation, JM minted silver bars are not too different than that of bars produced by popular brands like PAMP Suisse or OPM, but investors regard them higher nonetheless.

Where To Buy Johnson Matthey Silver & Gold Bars Online

If opting to purchase your Johnson Matthey Silver bars from an online gold & silver dealer, you have a number of options. Many sites like Provident MetalsAPMEX, and JM Bullion sell the Johnson Matthey brand in a number of size options. For a full list of online dealers check out our gold and silver dealers page.

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