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Highland Mint Review

The Highland Mint is a full-service minting facility that offers services for anything from the production of privately sanctioned trophies and medals to the manufacturing of high-quality silver bullion. Though the Highland Mint is not the biggest in the world, their products still garner significant attention from investors the world over. Their offering of silver bars and rounds is large enough to satisfy most investor needs, minting rounds from 1/10th oz to bars as large as 10 oz.

Having licenses with the NHL, NBA, and MLB means that Highland is constantly working with the world’s top sports leagues, making trophies, pendants, and anything else derived from metal. Highland has not been around as long as some of rel=”follow” the world’s most well-known mints, but in the limited amount of time they have been in business they have built quite a name for themselves. The company is located in the Florida, and all of their silver bullion is produced in house in the United States at their large facility.

Highland Mint Silver Bullion

With regard to precious metals, Highland is known for producing a fairly large, yet unique offering of silver bullion. Their bullion ranges in size but is, for the most part, towards the smaller end of the weight spectrum. This includes 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz and 1 oz rounds with different designs as well as 1 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz silver bars. Below we will list and review some of their most popular products.

Morgan Silver Rounds

hmmorgansilverroundThe Morgan silver rounds produced by Highland are made to identically replicate the Morgan Silver Dollar; a popular coin minted in the US during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The name is derived from the last name of the coin’s designer, George T. Morgan. This beautiful round is not only a great investment in silver due to its high purity, but is also a piece of American history.

Investors seek out the Morgan silver round due to its resemblance of an American coin. Not only does this round almost identically replicate a coin minted in America’s past, but it can be purchased at a price with a lower premium than what you would find with a similarly-sized US silver coin.


Sizes, Purity & Packaging

The purity of this round is .999, meaning it is made of 99.9% pure silver. When you purchase these coins they will usually be protected by a plastic case and placed in a heavy plastic bag as to avoid any damage from occurring during the shipping process. This will vary based on the dealer you buy from, but most will package them this way. Currently, the Morgan silver round comes in a few sizes including the standard 1 troy ounce weight as well as a few fractional sizes including 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz.

Morgan Silver Round Design

• Obverse – The obverse, or front, side of the coin features the profile image of Lady Liberty with the Latin words “E Pluribus Unum” arching across the top.

• Reverse – The reverse side of the coin features the image of an eagle grasping two arrows and an olive branch in its talons. Arched across the top of the reverse side are the words “United States of America” and “In God We Trust.”

Walking Liberty Silver Round

hmwlrThe Walking Liberty silver round is a lot like the Morgan round in that it resembles an American coin but has no legal value as currency. This particular piece of silver resembles the American Silver Eagle coin and also boasts the same level of purity.

Investing in Walking Liberty silver rounds is a smart idea for someone who wants to invest in American silver without incurring the high premiums typically placed on coins. Because these rounds are produced by Highland, as opposed to a government-sanctioned mint, the premiums and thus overall cost for them will not be as great as something coming directly from the US Mint.


Weights, Purity and Packaging

The Walking Liberty’s .999 purity means that it is also comprised of 99.9% pure silver. This is a standard level of purity for bars, coins, and rounds produced today. When you purchase the Walking Liberty rounds they will often be placed in a protective plastic coin flip as to protect their condition during the shipping process. The Walking Liberty Silver Round is available in a few different sizes, including 1 oz, 1/10th oz, 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz.

Walking Liberty Round Design

• Obverse – The obverse side of the coin features the image of a Walking Liberty (basically a walking Statue of Liberty moving across the horizon). Arching across the top of the obverse side is the word “Liberty” while the words “In God We Trust” are located directly besides the Walking Liberty.

• Reverse – The reverse side of the coin features the presidential seal of the United States in the center with the words “United States of America” arching across the top. Also featured on the reverse side of the coin are the purity and weight indications as well as a small Highland Mint mintmark.

1 oz Horse Silver Round

hmhorseroundThe Lunar Horse silver round produced by Highland is a round made to commemorate the Chinese Year of the Horse which was 2014. The design of the round is very much like the design of the Horse silver bar also produced by Highland Mint and each year they turn out new designs to correspond with the Chinese New Year.

Investors seek out the 1 oz Horse Silver Rounds produced by the Highland Mint because they can receive a special commemorative round that resembles a coin but at a much lower price. Though these bullion rounds have no value as legal tender, their purity and weight make them just as valuable as a similarly-sized silver coin. Each round weighs 1 troy ounce and is minted using .999 pure silver, and they are packaged in mint quantities of 20 by most online dealers. This makes them easy to store in your home safe or other secure places.


Purity and Packaging

The purity of the Horse silver round is .999, meaning it is made of 99.9% pure silver. Depending on the dealer you buy from, most all rounds are shipped in either mint tubes of 20 or coin flips to avoid any damage from occurring during shipping.

1 oz Horse Silver Round Design

• Obverse – The front side of the round is dominated by the image of a galloping horse that seems to be leaving the coin and headed straight for you. Directly adjacent to the horse is the Chinese symbol for “year of the horse.”

• Reverse – The reverse side of the round is dominated by the same Chinese symbol as is on the front, only the reverse side’s symbol is much larger. The words “2014 Year of the Horse” arch over the top while the purity and weight indications are towards the bottom of the round.

10 oz Lunar Horse Silver Bar

hm10ozhorsebarThe 10 oz Horse Silver Bar produced by Highland Mint is made to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year of the Horse. This bar is the second in Highland’s Lunar series and weighs 10 troy ounces. Each one is comprised of .999 pure silver, and has a rough finish with a textured back side enabling for easy stacking.

The design of this lunar silver bar features the image of a galloping horse as well as English and Chinese inscriptions of “2014 Year of the Horse.” Also featured on the bar’s design are the 10 ounce weight indication as well as the .999 purity indication. These bars are packaged by highland in plastic bags for easy storage and are priced competitively to other 10 oz silver bars available online.

A Brief History of The Highland Mint

Highland was first founded in the early 1980’s in Melbourne, Florida. When we say that Highland is a full-service mint we mean that they are able to complete all stages of the minting process under one roof. Their 40,000+ square foot minting facility is home to some of the most state-of-the-art minting processes and techniques unique only to Highland.

The main calling card of the Highland mint is custom minting, meaning that they are able to tackle smaller, more customized orders at a faster rate than some of the larger minting facilities. Though Highland has a strong offering of silver bullion (which we will go into further detail on below), they are a much more diverse company than one that offers silver alone.

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