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Geiger Edelmetalle Review

Geiger Edelmetalle, as it is known in German, is one of the oldest producers of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion on the planet. The company was founded in the 13th century and has been continuously operating in some form or another ever since.

Founded just outside the German city of Leipzig, Geiger was the first silver merchant in the area and has hung onto that title over the span of multiple centuries. Though their exact operations have changed over the course of the last few centuries, they are still heavily involved in the precious metals industry and everything that comes with it.

In addition to producing bullion metals, Geiger also produces national coins, and any other product pertaining to precious metals. What’s more, they offer investing services to anyone who might need them. Through the 800+ year history of precious metals in and around Leipzig, Germany, few names have persisted as long as Geiger has.




Types of Metals Offered

Geiger is unlike most every other mint in the world due to their extensive offering of in-house produced bullion. While some minting companies offer a large quantity of gold, and others silver, Geiger is unique in that it produces gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper.

Almost every product produced by Geiger is a bar or similarly crafted piece of bullion. Basically, Geiger tends to shy away from the production of bullion rounds and focuses more on bars. Their offering of gold and silver bars trumps that of any other type of bullion and is able to fulfill the investing needs of most any buyer large or small. Their gold bars all carry an industry standard .9999 level of purity. Their silver bars also carry an industry standard level of purity which is .999.

Despite their selection of platinum and palladium being a bit scarcer, these types of bars carry a purity of .9995.

Types of Bullion Offered

While Geiger is a producer of coins for specific countries around the world, their offering of metals to the public is almost strictly limited to bullion bars. All of their gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars boast the Geiger name, the weight, and fineness on the front side. Some bars also feature the words Schloss Güldengossa and the image of an old European house on the back side. This image is meant to celebrate the region of Germany that Geiger calls home

Another great feature present on most Geiger gold and silver bars is the presence of a security sticker on the bar’s back side. The sticker is a holographic and features a unique serial number that is able to be verified by Geiger. Most platinum and palladium bars are absent of this security feature, though almost every gold and silver bar boasts it.

A few of Geiger’s most popular products are listed as follows:

  • 500 g gold bar (with security feature)
  • 10 g gold bar (with Schloss Güldengossa)
  • 1 kg silver bar (with security feature)
  • 5 kg silver bar (with security feature)
  • 1 oz platinum bar (with Schloss Güldengossa)
  • 1 oz palladium bar (with Schloss Güldengossa)

This is just a small excerpt of Geiger products, but it illustrates perfectly just how diverse of an offering the mint boasts. Regardless of whether you are a new investor just getting started investing in metals or a seasoned gold and silver connoisseur who has a taste for the best bullion in the industry, Geiger has you covered.

Investor Appeal

One of the biggest draws to Geiger bullion has to do with the immense history the mint calls its own. As opposed to mints who have only been in business since the 1970s and 80s, Geiger has been around for hundreds of years and has attained a world of respect and trustworthiness along the way. As counterfeits become more of a daily part of an investor’s life, it is nice to know that Geiger, through their security features, do their absolute best to give you the peace of mind that the bullion you are buying is, in fact, authentic.

Prices of Geiger Bullion Bars

Generally speaking, Geiger’s bullion does not tend to cost much above the price you would pay for other, similarly popular gold and silver bars. While exact prices are always going to vary depending on the dealer you choose, it can be described best that Geiger’s product pricing is middle of the road. Their 1 oz silver bar, for example, is usually sold anywhere from $2-$3 over the current silver price.

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