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Engelhard Mint Review

Since 2006, Engelhard has not manufactured precious metals. That year Engelhard was purchased by a German chemicals producer named BASF who shifted the company’s focus from precious metals to chemicals, plastics and crop protection products. Prior to its purchase and dissolution however, Engelhard was arguably the most well-known producer of gold, silver, and platinum bullion in the world.

Even though Engelhard’s business involved much more than the production of bullion, precious metals is what the company was most well-known for over much of the 20th century. Despite Engelhard no longer being in business as a precious metals company, their bullion can still be found in secondhand condition and is traded in high volumes by investors all over the world today.


Engelhard Silver Bars & Rounds


Engelhard minted silver bullion in a variety of shapes and sizes over the course of its time in the precious metals industry. Both new investors and those who are veterans will often consider silver bullion minted by Engelhard because of the company’s reputation for excellence and the high liquidity of their products.

Engelhard silver bars fall in line with most other silver bars produced over the last century in terms of size and shape. Keeping up with other producers of gold and silver, Engelhard bars always have their weight and purity specifications listed directly on the bar itself. All of their bullion, both gold, silver and platinum, have this information stamped directly onto the front of the bar with the Engelhard logo. Silver bars and rounds will be found with a 99.9% silver purity and are available in weights from 1 oz to 100 troy ounces.

Engelhard Prospector Silver Round

The Engelhard Prospector is a 1 oz silver round that was made by the company during the late 20th century. These rounds weigh 1 troy ounce and were minted using .999 pure silver. They were packaged in tubes of 20-25 rounds and today are among the most sought after rounds available.

  • Weight: 1 troy ounce
  • Purity: .999 Silver
  • Condition: Varies
  • Lowest Price Found: $4.99 Over Spot

Prospector Design

As the name suggests, the Engelhard Prospector Round features a scene with an American prospector on its front design. In the image, the prospector is shown by a river panning for gold. In large letters across the bottom are the words “The American Prospector.” To the left of the prospector is the country name “U.S.A.” Unlike many other silver rounds, the Prospector also features the year of minting which is located to the top right of the main image.

100 oz Engelhard Silver Bar

The 100 oz Engelhard Silver Bar was another heavily produced product from the company. These bars weighed 100 troy ounces and were minted using .999 pure silver as well. Depending on the year the bar was manufactured it contain any number of designs. Today the bars are often sold by dealers in varied condition and can contain any number of designs.

  • Weight: 100 troy ounces
  • Purity: .999 Silver
  • Condition: Varies
  • Lowest Price Found: $1.80/oz Over Spot

Bar Design

The 100 oz Engelhard can have any number of designs depending on when it was minted. The most common design features a simple Engelhard logo on the front which is accompanied by the weight and purity. The back of the bar is intentionally left blank.

Engelhard Gold and Platinum Bullion

Though Engelhard’s offering of gold bullion is not nearly as expansive as that of silver, they have a significant presence among gold investors as well. And much like their silver bullion, Engelhard gold bars have not been produced for some time, making them fairly hard to find for sale. If you do manage to find a bar for sale, they are usually quite expensive because of their rarity and demand.

Due to the fact that Engelhard first existed as a company under the name American Platinum Works, it only makes sense that Engelhard produced platinum bullion as well. In fact, Engelhard was one of the first precious metals producers to offer platinum bullion on a large scale. Just like their offering of gold bullion, however, Engelhard only produced a limited variety of bars with platinum. These bars are .999 to .9995 pure depending on the size and design of the bar.

Investing In Engelhard Bullion

If you do even the slightest bit of research, you will quickly find out that Engelhard gold, silver and platinum bars tend to carry a bit of a higher premium than similarly-sized bars produced by companies that are still in business. This moderately higher premium is a direct result of investor and collector obsession over the Engelhard brand.

In today’s world of ever increasing technology, gold, silver, and platinum are becoming easier and cheaper to fake. For this reason some investors look to mitigate the risk of buying a counterfeit bar by purchasing bullion from a trusted, well-known assayer or refiner such as Engelhard. Despite the company being out of business, their bars fit the bill perfectly. Investors are usually willing to incur the slightly beefed up price of Engelhard bars in order to have the peace of mind and to know that they hold an important piece of precious metals history.

Yet another factor which entices investors is the fact that nearly all Engelhard bars have a unique serial number able to be verified by the person who owns the bar. This serial number is just one more way for investors to be sure that the bar(s) they own are in fact Engelhard bars.

Engelhard Bar Purity & Assay Information

Engelhards gold bars have a purity level of .9999 or 99.99%. Like their selection of engelhardgoldsilver, their gold bars were produced in either poured or pressed variations. Generally speaking, poured bars are harder to find while the pressed bars in assay are a little bit more common. Most of the pressed Engelhard gold bars are produced and then sealed in a tamper evident assay case with a unique serial number, while their poured bars are not sealed in an assay case.

Platinum bars produced by Engelhard are also usually encased in plastic and accompanied by an assay card though it depends on the exact type of bar you are looking at. The purity of Engelhard platinum bars is usually .9995 or 99.95%, which is the standard for platinum bullion.

Sizes Of Engelhard Bars

Engelhard silver bars can be most commonly found in 1 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz sizes. Platinum and gold bars produced by Engelhard are most commonly found in the 1 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz size. While 1 oz is the most commonly found size of Engelhard gold, other sizes both bigger and smaller do exist (such as 1 gram, 50 oz, etc.).

Engelhard Reputation & History

The Engelhard company actually began in 1903 under the name of American Platinum Works. The company was based in Newark, New Jersey and centered its business around the smelting and refining of platinum. Shortly after it was founded, Engelhard became the world’s most well-known producer and fabricator of platinum, gold, and silver.

Throughout the 20th century, Engelhard acquired and began developing a number of new businesses, expanding their foothold to encompass much more than the production of precious metals alone. In addition to dealing with metals, Engelhard and its many subsidiaries operated in the chemical and auto industries as well. In fact, Engelhard is credited with creating the first catalytic converters used in motor vehicles. Their catalytic converters are responsible for significantly reducing the amount of toxic gas vehicles release into the atmosphere.

In 2006, German chemical company BASF purchased Engelhard for about $5 billion and drastically changed the company’s day to day operations. Now, Engelhard is nothing more than a memory as their bullion bars are no longer produced. This simple fact makes Engelhard bars significantly more popular than many of the bars produced by companies still in existence.

Availability & Where To Buy

Being that Engelhard stopped producing precious metals a number of year ago, you can still find some of their silver and gold bars for sale online if you do some looking around. Many sites like JM BullionProvident MetalsAPMEX, and BGASC tend to carry products made by the Engelhard brand. You can also find a full list of dealers on our Gold coin & bar dealers page.

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