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Credit Suisse Mint Review

Credit Suicide is among the biggest, most prestigious refiners of precious metals in the world. The Credit Suisse Mint is part of the Credit Suisse Group, which is a multinational financial services holding company that has operations in more than 50 different countries. With its main headquarters in Zurich, Credit Suisse it has a hand in many different financial services.

Investors and numismatists have their eyes on the company’s production of platinum, gold, and silver products. It’s a company that has proven itself as trustworthy for more than a century and a half. Given that and its current credentials, there’s no wonder that the precious metals items that it mints are highly desired.

Credit Suisse Mint Company History

As part of the company that was originally founded as the Swiss Credit Institution (the English translation of its Swedish name) in 1856, the Credit Suisse Mint is significant in modern precious metals history. Its founder, Alfred Escher, used part of the profits from his company to help create Switzerland’s first railway system. He wanted to ensure that the banks of other countries didn’t have an influence over the railways in Switzerland. That is just one of the ways that the company has a rich legacy in the European country that’s officially known as the Swiss Confederation.

Credit Suisse played a role in Switzerland’s overall economic development. In fact, it helps the country also develop its currency system. It also funded entrepreneurs’ endeavors. It has endured throughout many ups and downs as a company and all the numerous changes in the world market through the end of the nineteenth century, the entire twentieth century, and these early years of the twenty-first century.

As a current member of Wall Street’s bulge bracket, Credit Suisse is among the top dozen most profitable banks. It’s easy to see why most people in the world views Credit Suisse as the giant bank that it is, numismatists and investors trust the company as a mint of platinum, gold, and silver bullion.

Types of Precious Metals Offered by the Credit Suisse Mint

Credit Suisse only mints gold, silver, or platinum products. It upholds the highest standards in the industry, and it offers different sizes and weights of the platinum, gold, and silver bars. Below are some of the most popular precious metals items that are minted by the Credit Suisse.

1-oz. Credit Suisse Platinum Bar

The Credit Suisse Platinum Bar consists of one ounce of .9995 fine Platinum. Each bar has its own specific assay card with a serial number that matches the one on the platinum bar. That is a security measure to guarantee both the purity and weight of the product. The Credit Suisse Platinum Bar is eligible for Precious Metals IRAs, thanks to the strong, strict production quality practices of the mint, and acquiring it is a promising way to extend one’s investment portfolio.

Obverse Side: The company’s large logo is depicted at the top of the observe side on the Credit Suisse Platinum Bar. Listen beneath the logo is the weight of the bar, the purity of its platinum, and its serial number that will match the bar’s included assay card.

Reverse Side: The reverse side of the Credit Suisse Platinum Bar features a repetition of Credit Suisse logos. These logos are arranged in a diagonal pattern across the entire reverse side of the bar.

Gold Bars Available from the Credit Suisse

While Credit Suisse is a producer of platinum and silver bars, their gold bullion bars are the precious metals products of choice for most investors. All gold bars come with a unique assay card with a serial number to validate the item and ensure its security. The Credit Suisse gold bars have similar markings on the obverse side and the reverse side of each bar as follows.

Obverse Side: The obverse side of each of their gold bars shows the Credit Suisse logo centered at the top. Additional information is engraved beneath the prominent logo, and it lists the bar’s metal content, weight, and purity level. Also include on the obverse side is the assayer’s mark and the individual serial number that will match the enclosed

Reverse Side: The block Credit Suisse logo is also featured on the reverse side of the company’s gold bars. However, on the reverse side, the logo is smaller, and it is repeated at a 45-degree angle all over that side of the bar. The exceptions to this are the 2-gram gold bar and the 20-gram gold bar. Both these bars feature the Statue of Liberty along with the copyright year and the words “Liberty – Mini-Gram” on the reverse side.

Four different types of gold bars are minted by Credit Suisse. They come in the following weight: 2 grams, 20 grams, 1 ounce, and 10 ounces. Find further information on the in-demand Credit Suisse gold bars below.

2-Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar: As the smallest available bar from the company, the 2-Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar consists of .9999 pure gold. It has a thickness of 0.60 millimeters and a diameter of 19/12 millimeters. It has a weight of two grams, or .0643 ounces, and it is packaged in a protective plastic case that can be used to store the bar.

20-Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar: The 20-Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar is made of .9999 pure gold. It weighs 20 grams or .6430 ounces. It has a thickness of 2.25 millimeters and a diameter of 30/17.5 millimeters. It comes from the company in a sealed plastic package, and it comes with an assay card with a serial number to match the one on the bar.

1-Ounce Credit Suisse Gold Bar: As one of the most effective bullion products that are minted by Credit Suisse, the 1-oz. Credit Suisse Gold Bar is made of .9999 fine gold. It has a thickness of 1.86 millimeters, and its dimensions are 40 millimeters by 25 millimeters. These individual bars come in sealed, tamper-proof packaging.

10-Ounce Credit Suisse Gold Bar: As the largest sized gold bar that’s available from the company, the 10-Ounce Credit Suisse Gold Bar is a cost-effective way of investing in precious metals. It consists of 10 Troy ounces of .9999 fine gold. It has a thickness of 8.2 millimeters with dimensions of 60 millimeters by 35 millimeters.

Credit Suisse Mint Products for IRA

As precious metals IRA (Individual retirement account) investments are a desirable choice for many people who are saving for retirement, the gold bars and other precious metals from the Credit Suisse Mint are suitable for those accounts. It’s a smart option for those who want to diversify their investments.

Buying Credit Suisse Mint Products Online

A vast variety of online shops carry gold bars and other precious metals from the Credit Suisse Mint. Some online vendors include APMEX, Provident Metals, JM Bullion, SD Bullion, and Modern Coin Mart. Since the one-ounce gold bar from Credit Suisse is its most popular mint, it is available in most shops that carry the mint’s products.

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