Credit Suisse is a multinational financial services holding company that is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Their company is divided into a few different divisions, each with their own specific foothold in the banking/financial services industry.Despite Credit Suisse being largely known as a bank, their gold, silver, and platinum is popular amongst investors from all over the world. Being a well established company that has been in business since the mid-1800s, it is easy to see why investors flock to Credit Suisse products with such regularity.


Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Though Credit Suisse does offer a limited amount of silver and platinum, they are probably most well known by investors for their gold bullion bars. Each of their gold bars feature a unique serial number as well as weight & purity indications and the Credit Suisse logo. The company currently offers four different weights of gold bullion in .9999 purity; 2 gram, 20 gram, 1 oz and 10 oz.

2 Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar

The 2 Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar is the smallest weight offered by the company and is minted using .9999 pure gold. These bars are encased in a small soft plastic package that is similar to an assay and feature the company’s liberty design.

20 Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar

The 20 Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar has the same design as the 2 gram weight. Each bar is minted using .9999 pure gold and does not come in an assay case, although they are accompanied with a Credit Suisse certificate that lists the bar’s weight, purity and serial number.

1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar

The 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar is one of the most cost effective pieces of bullion that Credit Suisse offers. Unlike the smaller weights, the 1 oz bar features a plain design and is encased in a tamper proof assay case. These bars are generally sold in brand new condition.

Investing In Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Investors so readily flock to Credit Suisse’s somewhat limited offering of gold, silver, and platinum bullion for a number of different reasons. For one, the company has been in continuous existence since the mid-1800s and has been proven to be worthy of the utmost trust.

Credit Suisse bullion bars are also attractive to investors due to the fact that their authenticity is able to be verified by simply typing in a few numbers online. The unique serial numbers present on most every Credit Suisse Gold Bar does well to keep an investor’s mind at ease despite the growing instance of counterfeit bars hitting the market nowadays.

Credit Suisse Bar Purities & Assay Cards

Aside from gold bars, Credit Suisse also offers silver bars which carry a purity of .999, or 99.9%. This is a standard level of purity for most all silver bullion bars. In most cases, smaller silver bars produced by Credit Suisse will be encased in plastic assay. In essence, it is just another form of protection against counterfeits.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars also tend to come encased either in an assay card or with a certificate of authenticity. With that being said, however, bars over the 1 ounce weight are typically not encased in assay but do come in a plastic sleeve from the mint.

Credit Suisse platinum bars are usually accompanied by an assay card as well, but are not always placed in the protective plastic cases you often find on gold and silver bars. How the bar is protected is dependent on both the type of bar it is as well as who is selling it. Just because a bar is packaged one way on a given site does not mean a similar bar will be packaged that way when bought from another dealer. The platinum bars made by Credit all carry a purity of .9995, or 99.95%.

Weights and Sizes of Credit Suisse Bars

Credit Suisse silver bars are most commonly found in either the relatively small 1 ounce size, or the larger 1 kilo variety. Credit Suisse has produced 100 and 500 gram silver bars as well, but these are found much less often. Compared to gold bars, Credit Suisse silver is not as common and generally harder to find for sale online.

The offering of gold bars produced by Credit Suisse is a bit more expansive than their silver offering, ranging from as small as 1 gram to as large as 500 grams, or a bit over 17 ounces. Among the most frequently found gold bar sizes are 1 gram, 2 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 20 gram, 1 oz, and 10 oz. These bars are offered with either the standard Credit Suisse logo design or the Liberty design.

Finally, the most popular Platinum bar offered by Credit Suisse are the 1 oz variety. They do also offer platinum bars as large as 10 ounces and as small as 5 grams which are less common than 1 oz bars.

Credit Suisse Company History

Despite their currently strong foothold in the banking industry, Credit Suisse’s origins can be traced back to the construction of Switzerland’s domestic railways in the mid-1800s. The company’s founder, Alfred Escher, began Credit Suisse in 1856 under the name “Swiss Credit Institution” and used his funds to help construct the first railways in Switzerland.

The impact Credit Suisse has had on Switzerland is really a lot bigger than many even know, as it is credited with helping develop the Swiss currency system, fund entrepreneurs, and connect Switzerland with the rest of Europe and thus, the world.

By the turn of the 20th century, Credit Suisse refocused their business to cater to deposits, currency exchanges, and savings accounts for more average, middle-class Swiss citizens. Shortly thereafter, Credit Suisse expanded and opened their first branch outside of Zurich, in Basel. The growing financial institution was then tasked with helping fund the reconstruction of Europe post-WWI and then again post-WWII.

During the latter stages of the 20th century Credit Suisse went through a number of mergers and acquisitions that effectively grew the company into the financial giant that it is today. Though it was among many financial institutions affected by the global economic crisis of 2008, it has since bounced back and still retains its standing as one of the most well-respected financial institutions in all of Europe. Though the world looks at Credit Suisse as nothing more than a giant bank, the investing world views them as one of the most trusted producers of gold, silver, and platinum bullion.

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