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Asahi Refinery Mint Review

Tokyo-based Asahi Refinery operates facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and, of course, Japan. With its focus on environmentally friendly practices and the recycling of precious metals, Asahi Refining produces products designed with gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and indium. Revered for its distinctive artistry and high-quality refining, Asahi has built a global brand that’s popular with investors and collectors of precious bullion worldwide. Customers who want to diversify their portfolio of wealth frequently turn to Asahi Refinery for their excellent-quality precious metal bars.

Asahi Refining: An Overview

Asahi Refining has been operating for decades, but its acquisitions extend that history back more than 100 years. The Asahi brand has been in existence since 1952. Asahi began as a chemical laboratory that specialized in retrieving silver from photograph fixing solutions. The company’s success in this area led it to recycle precious metals from other industries and transform them into investment-worthy products. As silver demand grew, so did the company.

In 2014, Asahi Refining acquired the Johnson Matthey’s Salt Lake City operations and greatly enhanced its global operations platform with its purchase. Asahi’s new acquisitions have enabled the company to modernize aspects of its operation while continuing to retain some of its best traditional practices. Asahi Refinery has been accredited by the industries in which it does business and has received numerous accolades for its high-quality products and adherence to best industry practices.

Asahi Refinery and Its Commitment to Recycling

Asahi Refinery has been committed to recycling since it began. Asahi specializes in recycling precious and rare metals and then turning them into outstanding products like the company’s gold and silver bars. The company has built state-of-the-art facilities where it can perform its recycling techniques and refine precious metals to create pure products. With its commitment to recycling, Asahi is making a difference for communities and, indeed, the whole planet.

Asahi Products

Asahi Refinery uses x-ray fluorescence to test all of its precious metals. This allows the technicians to produce products of superior quality. Purity, accuracy, and skill are the hallmarks of the refinery’s operation. In order to produce its precious metal bars, the refinery heats the metal to a melting point. It then pours the silver or gold into molds where it can cool. Then, staff can stamp or engrave the bars with the Asahi logo and the product’s weight and purity. The Asahi Refinery produces bars with laser-cut engravings and bars with more rustic stampings. Customers can choose which bars to invest in based on their preference. In either case, the bars are easy to stack and count as well as to keep stored.

Cast Bars

Asahi Refinery produces world-renowned cast bars that brim with vintage-inspired charm. The refinery’s stamped bars feature the Asahi logo along with this weight and metal purity. Its gold and silver bars are refined to perfection, making them the go-to choice for investors and collectors of precious bullion. Asahi employs hand-selected scientists that stake their reputation on producing high-quality precious metals. If you enjoy old-world-inspired precious metals, Asahi cast bars will not disappoint you.

Minted Bars

Asahi Mint also produces high-quality minted bars that feature laser-cut engravings denoting the bars’ purity and weight. These bars also depict the refinery and its logo. Their refined appearance enhances the sophisticated appeal of these bars that are easy to stack and count. Customers can count on the refinery’s outstanding production process that turns out silver and gold products that are refined to perfection. With unique serial numbers stamped right into the bar, customers can depend upon each Asahi bar’s purity and authenticity.

Investing in Asahi Refinery Bars

People have been investing in precious metal for centuries. These highly-sought after materials may fluctuate in value, but they always seem to inspire collectability and investment, which ultimately drives their prices up time and time again. Precious metals enjoy a staying power that few other investments enjoy. Unlike paper currency, precious metals, particularly gold, retains its value from one era to the next. In order to preserve wealth, many investors continue to purchase gold and silver bars.

Investing in Asahi gold and silver bars, therefore, is a savvy way to store your wealth. Keep in mind that precious metals can be a great hedge against inflation. As economies shift worldwide, many investors are looking to precious metals for investment. In countries such as China, investing in gold has long been a safe way of storing wealth. As a well-known international brand, Asahi enjoys the trust of its investors and collectors around the world. If you are hoping to store and even grow your wealth, it’s always a smart idea to diversify your portfolio with precious metal investments.

Because customers can depend upon the purity of Asahi bars, the brand is enjoying increasing demand for its products. The company’s commitment to recycling also sets it apart from many of its competitors. Customers and investors should also keep in mind that Asahi’s products are IRA-worthy, which places them at the top of the list of investment-worthy precious metal bars.

Purchasing Asahi Products

Customers have many options for purchasing Asahi cast and minted bars. As each bar is stamped with its unique serial number, investors can feel good about purchasing these items from various sources worldwide. Investors can purchase Asahi products from vendors that specialize in gold and silver bars and also contact the company to find out more about where its products are sold. While Asahi gold and silver bars make excellent investments, they also make ideal gifts for newlyweds, graduates, or even birthdays.

As one of the world’s most revered refineries, Asahi is leading the way when it comes to recycling excellence. Its high-quality products carry the Asahi stamp that denotes refining excellence. If you’re hoping to diversify your portfolio of wealth and want to invest in high-quality precious metals, the Asahi Refinery is a smart option to consider. To learn more about this renowned international company, be sure to visit its website or contact its customer service department with your questions.

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