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A-Mark Precious Metals Review

A-Mark is a precious metals trading company that has decades of experience in the industry of selling and trading precious metals. Since 1965, A-Mark has been buying, selling and trading all types of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. As one of the most trusted dealers in all of North America, A-Mark has garnered quite a positive reputation for themselves throughout their 45+ year history. Aside from merely trading precious metals, the company also offers a line of brand name A-Mark silver bars and rounds.

Types of Precious Metals Offered by A-Mark

A-Mark is now one of the biggest and most trusted sellers of precious metals in the world. As such, their online directory of products is absolutely jam-packed and always being added to. In addition to precious metals products with the A-Mark name on them, this company sells a wide array of products from around the world. Included in this offering is .9999 gold, .999 silver, and .9995 platinum and palladium products. In truth, their offering of palladium leaves a lot to be desired as it is in a constant state of flux. All other metals, especially gold and silver, however, are found in abundance on A-Mark’s site as well as various other online dealers.

While A-Mark is well known for their trading of precious metal products and bullion, they are also well known for a few of the products that they mint with their brand name on them. Though these are generally limited to only a three silver products, investors enjoy their designs, high level of silver purity and low cost as compared to other brands. Below we will go over A-Mark’s most popular silver products.

1 oz A-Mark Silver Round

The 1 oz A-Mark Silver Bullion Round is arguably the most popular silver product offered by the company. Each round is minted using .999 pure silver and are mostly available in brand new condition.

  • Weight: 1 troy ounce
  • Purity: .999 Silver (99.9%)
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Lowest Price Found: 89¢ Over Spot

Round Design

It features an image of the liberty bell at its center with the phrase “Life ~ Liberty ~ Happiness” imprinted on a ribbon running across the top. The bottom has the A-Mark name and the weight and purity. Each round is .999 fine silver and weighs one troy ounce. Because of its design, they are also known as the Liberty Silver Round or A-Mark Liberty Silver Round.

Packaging and Storage

Like most other 1 oz rounds and silver coins, the A-Mark silver round is shipped from A-Mark to silver bullion distributors in mint packaged tubes of 20 pieces. If you are buying from a company who acquires them directly from A-Mark in new condition, they can usually be purchased in 20 count tubes. This enables them to be neatly stored in a safe or secure location. It can also protect the rounds from deterioration if you plan on holding on to them for a long period of time.

10 oz A-Mark Silver Bar

The A-Mark 10 oz silver bar is another popular bullion item offered by the company that features a fairly straightforward design. Each bar is made up of .999 fine silver and are generally available in brand new condition in their original packaging.

Bar Design

The main focal point of the bar is the A-Mark name and logo which is featured in enlarged print atop the bar. The middle of the bar has the purity with the bottom side stating the weight. The bar is made up of .999+ pure silver and weighs 10 troy ounces.

Packaging and Storage

Mint-direct packaging for these bars includes a sealed soft-plastic casing that is much like a zip-lock baggie. Because of this, the bars are not as easy to stack. However you can remove them from the packaging or buy them in cases of 10 and they will stack neatly. The 10 oz A-Mark Silver Bars are competitively priced to other brands and in my opinion are slightly higher in quality than comparable items like the NTR Silver Bar.

Types of A-Mark Silver Bullion

A-Mark is known for the sale of its own silver bullion bars, but the array of products offered by the company as a precious metals trading desk extends much further beyond that. Dominated by gold and silver coins, A-Mark is true to its roots by boasting no shortage of rare and valuable coins.

Some of the most commonly found and most popular products offered by A-Mark include:

A-Mark Precious Metals Company History

Founded in 1965, A-Mark was created as a full service precious metals dealer tasked with the sale and storage of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in bulk quantities. More than a company that solely sells gold and silver bars, A-Mark diversifies its product offering at every turn. As such, they are able to offer bars, coins, rounds, wafers, and grains for delivery or storage.

Originating from humble beginnings, Steven C. Markoff founded the company in 1965 and focused solely on the trading of rare, collectible coins. Shortly thereafter, Markoff’s small company began trading and acquiring gold and silver from the US government and other countries from around the world. In 1969, A-Mark became the first company in the United States to import US gold from countries abroad.

Rare Coin Acquisitions

Only a short while later, in 1972, A-Mark was granted a special license for dealing, selling, and owning gold. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, A-Mark was seen acquiring seemingly endless quantities of rare gold and silver, including a Silver Dollar collection totaling more than 400,000 coins and weighing more than 11 tons. To date, that single purchase was the largest such acquisition of bullion in the history of the precious metals industry. With the value of silver rising, so too did A-Marks popularity as the go-to source for all things silver. In the following decades, A-Mark began taking on the status of being the official distributor for a number of national mints from around the world.

Now, with a subsidiary added in Europe and its services expanding almost around the world, A-Mark is regarded as one of the best dealers on the planet. A-Mark advertises themselves as much more than a precious metals dealer too. Included among their services are consignment, hedging, leasing, financing, and a number of additional financial services. Proving that they are a trustworthy company, A-Mark is an official distributor of products from government mints from around the world. Included amongst these government mints are the Royal Canadian Mint, South African Mint, Australian (Perth) Mint, and the US Mint.

Buying A-Mark Silver Bars

One of the biggest perks that accompanies buying an A-Mark silver product is the fact that they are one of the most trusted dealers of precious metals in the world. With a track record of nearly 50 years and affiliations with the top bullion-producing national mints, it comes as no surprise that people love the security and peace of mind that comes along with a purchase of silver bars from A-Mark.

The prices of A-Mark silver bars and rounds changes constantly as it does with any other brand, but they generally offer competitive prices over spot almost all of the time. While you may be able to find products priced better from other brands, not too many of them can beat the security and quality you receive when dealing with A-Mark products.

You can find A-Mark Silver Bars and Rounds for sale online through most online bullion dealer websites. Many dealers also offer free shipping these days with low markups, so finding a company to purchase from is easier than ever. For a full list of companies, be sure to view our silver dealers page where you can learn more about all the popular companies and read their reviews.

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