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Gold and Silver Minting Companies

There are many mints who refine, produce and assay both gold and silver bullion for investment purposes. Some mints produce bars, rounds, coins or even all three of these investment options. While some brands may fetch a higher premium over spot price, some brands provide bullion at very low premiums. Depending on exactly what you are looking for, the brand you buy may play a key role in your investment decision.

Top Rated Bullion Brands and Minting Companies

 Mint Pricing

The price you pay per ounce of metal usually varies by brand and the type of bullion you are buying. If buying Gold and Silver bullion minted by a reputable and well known brand, the premiums may be slightly higher than that of a no-name brand. Also, bullion coins minted by a government which hold a face value and are in constant demand may fetch some of the highest premiums of all. Coins are also more collectible and cost more to produce than a privately minted piece of bullion which means the price ends up being passed down from the mint to the investor.

Brand Selection

When investing in precious metals, there are hundreds of brands to choose from. Many online dealers offer bullion produced by a number of mints both in the US as well as throughout the world. Some investors prefer buying from trusted brands with a good reputation, while some don’t have a preference and are just looking for the lowest cost per ounce. While most sought after brands sell for generous premiums, some offer very competitive prices as well. While owning a reputable brand is considered to be important by most investors, it really just comes down to your personal preferences.

Mints vs Refineries

While the word “mint” is defined as an industrial facility which manufactures coins for currency, this is not entirely true in the bullion industry. While some mints such as the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint of Australia are truly run by national governments to mint national currency, some companies such as the Sunshine Mint don’t actually produce any coinage. For example the Highland Mint located in Florida, is a privately owned entity which produces Gold and Silver bullion bars and rounds for investors. They call themselves a mint because they stamp or “mint” bullion in their own facility.

A Refinery is a facility which melts down and refines precious and base metals to remove any of it’s impurities. Precious metals are mainly refined to either make pure bullion or sometimes jewelry. On top of refining precious metals, some refineries also mint bullion bars and rounds in their facilities as well. For example, Northern Texas Refinery or NTR Metals for short, has a number of facilities throughout the world which refine metal and also mint precious metals bullion. These types of companies can often produce bullion at cheaper prices than their competitors which is preferred by some investors.

Government Mints vs Private Mints

The main difference between these two types of mints is that a government run mint can produce bullion coinage which carries a face or monetary value with it in their country. Private mints are restricted to merely making investment grade bullion. Some government mints not only produce bullion coins but also produce Gold and Silver bars and rounds as well. A perfect example of this is the Royal Canadian Mint or RCM for short. They produce a vast number of Gold and Silver coins and also produce bullion bars.

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