The American Gold Eagle is a coin that is produced by the United States Mint, one of the oldest mints in North America. The American Gold Eagle is among the most popular gold coins produced in North America and has experienced popularity in all parts of the world. The large quantity of these coins produced and distributed by the US Mint each year make them both easy to find and not extraordinarily priced.

American Gold Eagle Design

The design of the American Eagle gold coin features a high level of detail with a number of patriotic images that are near and dear to the hearts of every American. Its famous design is recognized by investors not only in America but throughout the world.


The obverse side of the coin is dominated by the image of the Walking Liberty who seems to be walking off the coin directly at the viewer. The portrait of Walking Liberty is essentially the Statue of Liberty with human characteristics, reflecting the ideal of liberty, freedom and prosperity in America. The words “Liberty” and the year in which the coin was minted are imprinted below Lady Liberty.



The reverse side of the Gold Eagle boasts an image of two eagles, one of which is landing in its nest with a branch in its talons. This image is incredibly detailed and shows every facet of each bird and their nest. The reverse side also features the words “United States of America” arching over the top in large letters as well as “E Pluribus Unum” and “In God We Trust” on either side of the nesting birds in smaller letters.


Pricing & Collectability

The large annual mintage of gold eagles are great for investors because that means they are able to get great value on each purchase of the coin. When you look at the price of a 1 oz American Gold Eagle compared to that of any other modern gold coin, you will find that more often than not the Gold Eagle carries a slightly lower premium than the comparable coin minted in another country.

The collectability of the American Gold Eagle is another aspect of the coin that makes it so incredibly popular. While the average uncirculated version is a popular investment coin, hardcore collectors tend to seek out the many special editions of the Gold Eagle. These special edition coins are not necessarily difficult to find, but will assuredly cost you significantly more than the uncirculated bullion version of the coin.

Gold Eagle Purity & Weight

One drawback to the American Eagle Gold coin, especially for investors, is the fact that it boasts a slightly lower purity than many of its rival gold coins. The official purity of an American Gold Eagle is .9167, or 91.67% pure silver. This 22 karat purity is slightly lower than other coins, but is useful in that the other roughly 8% of the coin’s makeup is designed to help the coin avoid unwanted damage from occurring to the soft golden metal.

These coins are authorized as legal tender in the United States. The 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz coins have a face value which correlates with the size and come in at $5, $10, $25, and $50 respectively.

Mint Packaging

Individual gold eagle coins are packaged according to the dealer’s business practices, but will often be protected from damage and shifting during the shipping process with coin flips or tubes.


Gold eagles bought in quantities of 20, however, are typically packaged in a sealed tube direct from the mint itself. For the large-scale buyers, quantities of 500 come sealed from the US Mint (in 25 tubes of 20 coins) so most dealers will ship them this way. This is referred to as a Monster Box. A monster box is nothing more than a thick red-plastic case used to both transport the coins as well as protect them from damage during shipping. Both the tube and monster box contain the US Mint’s logo which is embossed across the top.


Where To Buy Gold Eagles

The American Gold Eagle can be found at most every coin or bullion dealer both online and locally. As is the case with any time you attempt to purchase a coin from a brick and mortar shop, you run the risk of arriving after they have all sold out. For this reason, it is our suggestion that you purchase coins from a trusted online dealer. This will not only save you the time and effort of running around town from coin shop to coin shop, it will also, more often than not, ensure that you are purchasing gold eagles at the best possible price.

Reselling Gold Eagles

Because the American Gold Eagle is such a popular coin in both North America and other parts of the world, reselling them is usually not an issue. Private collectors and even large dealers are constantly looking to purchase gold eagles, often at a premium above the spot value of gold. Unlike some coins that have limited interest from only a select number of buyers, the gold eagle is highly sought after by investors from all over the globe and has a large base of collectors.