Obverse—The creative brainchild of famed artist Pierre Leduc, the coin’s obverse offers a strikingly detailed rendition of one of Canada’s most feared and respected animals in the world. The gaping maw of the powerful Canadian grizzly, placed against the backdrop of etched lines representing the reverberations of its powerful sound, greets the coin collector upon opening their purchased order. The coins frontage also includes the words “Canada” across the top with weight and purity of the coin listed on the bottom.


Reverse—gracing the reverse of countless Canadian coins since 2003, the Canadian Gold Roaring Grizzly coin displays Susanna Blunt’s right-profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Lettering along the circumference of the coin includes the queen’s name, date of issuance, the Latin inscription, D. G. Regina, which translates into By the Grace of God, Queen. Finally, the coin is emblazoned with its face value of $200.


The Canadian Iconic Grizzly Bear

It is almost impossible to conceive of the vast spaces and myriad of wildlife that comprises the territory and heart of Canada. Covering nearly four million square miles in territory, and populated by an array of wildlife secrecies, none of those animals captures the public imagination around the world quite as much as the iconic Canadian Grizzly Bear. The Royal Canadian Mint captures the power and majesty of this magnificent animal to perfection. Ranging throughout the wild areas of the vast territories to the north, and among the forested woods of Northern British Columbia, the Canadian grizzly is an iconic staple of the wildlife of Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mint

In continuous operation since January 2, 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint has been supplying Canada, as well as on behalf of other nations, circulation coins for their economies to work. Additionally, the high quality of their product has fostered a robust industry revolving around the designing and manufacturing of exquisite, base metal collector coins.

As such, the Canadian Royal Mint produces highly sought after examples of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion coins as well as a myriad of commemorative medals, medallions, and tokens. When investors and collectors note the mintmark of the Canadian Royal Mint, they understand that they are looking at superior craftsmanship and unquestionable authenticity as regards weight and purity.