Struck by the Perth Mint in Australia, and guaranteed by the Australian government, the 2016 Australian 1 oz Gold Kangaroo coin enjoys legal tender status throughout the country thanks to the . Because of this, it has been issued a face value of 100 Australian dollars and is eligible for Precious Metals IRAs, a characteristic that makes this one of the most sought after coins both by collectors as well as private investors around the world.

Obverse Side

Featuring the beautifully engraved Ian Rank-Broadley profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse side, this impressive creation presents the words “Elizabeth II” and “Australia” on either side of the upper half, together with the words “100 Dollars” distributed in a semi-circular manner along the bottom half of the coin

2016 1 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin (BU)

Reverse Side

Peering curiously into the distance at another kangaroo, the reverse side of the 2016 Australia 1 oz Gold Kangaroo coin features a very finely detailed, fully grown kangaroo standing tall yet resting upon its powerful tail, a position which has become one of the most recognizable stances of the largest marsupial in the world. A series of engravings distributed in two semi-circular patterns around the representation of the kangaroo, feature the words “Australian Kangaroo” on the upper half of the coin, with the year of minting, weight, purity, and metal content on the lower half. The coin also features the Perth Mint’s mint mark, the letter “P,” to the right of the kangaroo, in the central portion of the coin.

Other Highlights

To maintain the pristine condition of the coins, each individual unit comes encased in a mint acrylic capsule. Multiples of 100 are packaged in a sealed box. Because of their high quality and exceptional design these coins have been made eligible for Precious Metals IRAs and are backed by the Australian government. Each coin weighs one troy ounce of .9999 pure gold, and has a standard thickness of 2.8 mm and a diameter of 32.1 mm. As of January 2016, the lowest price on the market for the 2016 Australia 1 oz Gold Kangaroo Coin has been $1,143.09, making it one of the best investments of its kind.

About the Kangaroo

Native only to Australia and Tasmania, as well as some of the islands surrounding the continent where they inhabit a wide variety of environments, four distinct species of kangaroo have been identified, including the red kangaroo, the eastern gray kangaroo, the western gray kangaroo, and the antilopine kangaroo. Kangaroos are herbivores that can survive long periods of time without drinking water, a characteristic that allows them to roam even the driest parts of Australia, where they come together to form groups known as “mobs.” The reaches almost 9 million individuals of each species, with the exception of the western gray kangaroo, of which only less than 2 million individuals remain due to depredation and the invasion of their habitat by humans, although they are not considered to be endangered yet.

So don’t hesitate and get yours today! Whether you are looking to add another beautiful coin to your Australian Wildlife collection or are looking to just get started, the 2016 Australia 1 oz Gold Kangaroo coin is an item no collection should go without.