Obverse Design

Once again, the Royal Canadian Mint delivers unparalleled quality and beauty. The coin’s obverse bears the likeness of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, whose right-profile effigy has been the standard since its 2003 creation by Susanna Blunt. Engravings that include the date of issuance and face value of the coin surround the queen’s image. Additionally, the phrase “D.G. Regina,” Latin for “By the Grace of God” and “Queen,” accompanies the sovereign’s likeness. A face value of $5 that is fully backed by the Canadian government.

Royal Canadian Mint’s Theory of Relativity Coin 3

Reverse Design

The iconic sugar maple leaf design, which adorns all Gold Maple Leaf coins, dominates the reverse side of the Theory of Relativity coin. Directly below the maple leaf is a privy mark featuring Einstein’s famous relativity equation while “Canada” is engraved above the characteristic maple leaf. Flanking either side of the maple leaf is the engraved “.9999” because each coin contains 1/10 ounce of .9999 pure gold. As mentioned, the coin features the distinctive reverse proof finish of brilliant relief on a frosted background.

Royal Canadian Mint’s Theory of Relativity Coin

The Brilliance of Einstein

Struck in 2015, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Theory of Relativity coin honors the 100th anniversary of ‘s famous theory of gravity and the movement of large-scale planetary bodies. As such, a special “E=MC2” privy mark has been added to this unique 2015 collection coin. shattered long held scientific assumptions regarding our place in the universe, and transformed the fields of physics, mathematics, and the study of astronomy. Begun in 1905, Einstein completed the after a decade of diligent study. In a nod to his brilliance, and continued contribution to the scientific community 60 years following his death, is proud to offer its signature Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Theory of Relativity coin.