Obverse Side

The obverse side sticks with tradition, featuring the present monarch at the time of coin mintage. This 2015 coin features the 2003 portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, her fourth portrait for minted coins since she took the throne in 1952. Her most recent portrait was debuted also in 2015, but coins were not minted with this new image until late 2015. The 2003 portrait was completed by the famous Canadian artist who won the national portrait competition during that time period, Susanna Blunt.


Reverse Side

The reverse side of this striking coin features the growling cougar in all of its glory, looking fierce with its fangs exposed as it lets off a roar. It also features a miniature stamp of the country’s symbolic maple leaf just beneath the cougar’s growling head, with an engraved background that truly sets off the powerfulness of the cougar as one of the country’s fiercest felines. In addition to the cougar and the maple leaf, you’ll discover the coin’s weight and its purity of the finest .99999 gold.


The Cougar and Canada

In Canada, the cougar is one of the most largest and most powerful predators to stalk the lands of this great country—second only to the bear. In spite of the predatory nature, they tend to shy away from humans. The cougar tends to measure up to 8 feet long and can weigh up to 200 pounds. The cougar’s favorite prey include: deer, bighorn sheep, beavers, mountain goats, the North American elk, and they’ll even prey on tiny mice.

When in search for prey, the cougar prefers “fresh meat.” Historically, the cougar was numerous all over the world, but is now mainly found in parts of North America, particularly in Canada. The cougar seems to enjoy the mountainous regions of Alberta and British Columbia where it can live in its natural habitat away from humans, pouncing on its prey.