Its reverse side features five Chinese symbols for luck and prosperity—the bat, the deer, the crane, the magpie, and the Chinese symbol for “good fortune.” And because they’re grouped into a group of five, their luck is amplified.


Whether you’re adding this coin to your own collection, or bestowing it to someone special, the 2014 1 oz Canadian Gold Five Blessings Coin (BU) is said to give its owner blessings, abundance, success, and great fortune. Please note that this coin is eligible for a precious metals IRA.

Obverse Side

The right-profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse side of this fine gold coin was designed by Canadian artist, Susanna Blunt, in 2003 and has been featured on all minted Canadian coins since Susanna won the national portrait competition during the same year. This image is featured on both special edition coins and circulated coins.

Born in China, she is the daughter of an English banker and has had a love of art since age three. She attended four years of art school in London, England, and then attended four more years at the Royal Academy on a scholarship. She won the scholarship to the Royal Academy, several awards, a silver medal, and of course, the national portrait competition in 2003.


Reverse Side

Each animal on the reverse side of this pure gold coin stands for something unique and majestic. The bat’s messages is, “May your wishes come true.” The Deer’s message is, “May you have speedy success.” The Crane’s message is, “May every year bring a surplus.” The Magpie’s message is, “May flowers bloom for prosperity.” And last but certainly not least, the Chinese good fortune symbol delivers a lunar message of, “May your stock turn over like a spinning wheel.”

Five Blessings History

The Five Blessings, also known as Wu Fu, the Five Happinesses, and the Five Good Fortunes, are symbols of good luck in Chinese history. The number five itself has meaning. In Chinese tradition, the number five stands for the Chinese five elements—earth, fire, wood, metal, and water. These five elements are essential in order to have a good life full of lots of luck, health, and success.