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1-oz-gold-sunshine-mint-bullion-bar-9999-obvThe Sunshine Mint is located in the United States and produces gold and silver bullion bars and rounds. With their facilities located in Idaho, bullion made by the Sunshine Mint has become one of the most popular brands in precious metals. Below you can compare their gold bars based on price.

*Premiums displayed are for the 1oz Sunshine Mint Gold Bar

Compare Sunshine Mint Gold Bar Prices

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  • Low AsĀ $1,356.80/ bar ($21.00/oz over spot)
  • Free Shipping Over $250
  • Sizes: 1oz
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Brief Introduction on the Sunshine Mint

The Sunshine Mint, also known as Sunshine Mining Inc, is one of the United States’ largest distributors and manufacturers of both gold and silver bullion. Their main business focuses on providing individuals, corporations, organizations and governments with minting services. One of their most popular clients is the US Mint who acquires a majority of their silver planchets to strike the American Eagle from Sunshine. The mint is also one of the most established in the United States, first opening its doors in 1979.

Over the past 30+ years, the Sunshine Mint has grown in both size and notoriety. Today they even produce their own bullion which includes gold bars, silver bars and silver rounds. A majority of their bullion uses the same uniform design which has become better known as the Sunshine Eagle. All of their bullion is minted using advanced technology and the highest industry standards in terms of quality and purity.

Sunshine Mint Gold Bars

Among Sunshine’s most popular product offerings is that of their gold bars. While not as popular as their silver bullion in terms of distribution volume, their gold bars are in high demand by investors due to their quality, high purity and low cost. The Sunshine Mint currently manufactures gold bullion in the form of assayed bars which are available in a small variety of weights.

Sunshine Gold Bar Sizes, Purity and Packaging

The Sunshine Mint currently makes gold bars in weights of 1g, 2.5g, 5g, 10g and 1 oz. No matter the size of the bar, each will be .9999 pure and come encased in an individual assay case which is made of plastic and is fully tamper proof. Each bar also shares the same design which features a scene with a flying eagle at its center on the front side.

The eagle is showcased inside of a circle with raised edges atop the bar. Below the image in smaller letters is the bar’s weight, purity and metal type which will read something like “.9999 Fine Gold 10 Grams.” On the blue assay card is the abbreviation “SMI” for Sunshine Minting, Inc.

sunshine-mint-gold-bar-1The back of the bars also share a uniform design which includes a unique security feature known as a MintMark SI at its center. This serves as a verification tool which makes the bars easy to authenticate by simply using a Sunshine Minting Decoder Lens. The reverse side is complimented by a number of rising sun images which are arranged in a vertical pattern where the sun appears to rise above the horizon. On this side, the assay card features the fineness of the gold, the metal type and the weight.

sunshine-mint-gold-bar-2In terms of packaging, each bar is encased in its tamper evident plastic case which also serves as verification of its origins. The mint distributes the bars in plastic cases which contain 25 bars which makes them easy to store and stack. Even if you are buying a lesser quantity, they can be easily interlocked with one another making for easy stacking.

Sunshine Minting Gold Bar Pricing

What makes Sunshine Mint Gold Bars so attractive, aside from their design and quality, is their pricing. Their bars are priced very competitively to other bars of equal weight and purity made by other manufacturers, making them one of the cheapest options available to investors. They are also minted right here in the USA by a mint with a long and storied history and positive reputation which makes them very desirable.

If you are buying Sunshine Gold Bars online, you can usually expect to pay somewhere in the range of $20 to $80 over spot price depending on the weight of the bar, its condition, who you are buying from and the amount of bars you will be purchasing. For the 1 oz weight, you will usually pay no more than $25-$40 above the current gold spot price per bar.

Buying Sunshine Mint Gold Bars Online

When searching online for a gold bar made by the Sunshine Mint, you will find that most bullion dealers sell them. Most dealers these days also offer very inexpensive shipping rates and competitive prices making the internet one of the best places to acquire them. If you are buying online you will find that a majority of sellers accept a wide range of payments ranging from credit cards to bank wires, paper checks and even PayPal or Bitcoin.

Above is a list of some popular gold dealers who offer these bars along with their prices so that you can compare them before making a purchase online. We have found through both experience and research that these dealers are some of the best places to buy gold online.
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