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rcm-1-oz-gold-bar-2The Royal Canadian Mint is only one of a few Government Mints that produce gold bars for private investors. The RCM makes gold bars in weights of 1oz, 1kg and 400oz good delivery bars. Some investors prefer RCM Gold Bars to other brands because of their high level of quality and purity (.9999) while others like their bars because they are manufactured by and backed by the Canadian Government. Below you can compare prices for the 1 oz Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar from online bullion dealers.


Compare RCM Gold Bar Prices

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About the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most prestigious government mints in North America. They utilize the latest minting technology and use this to not only manufacture coins but gold bullion as well. Opening their first facility in 1908, the RCM now has two state of the art facilities located in Winnepeg and Ottawa. Though they only manufacture two weights of gold bars, they are in high demand because of their quality and the fact that they are fully backed by the faith of the Canadian Government.

Unlike many other government mints, the RCM is unique in the fact that they operate to make profits. The mint is fully operated by the Canadian Government and operates to both serve the public as well as make a profit. In this way they are arguably more innovative in terms of their product offering, with both coins and bullion. Over the past few decades they have made strides in minting technology, and today they are one of the only mints offering silver bullion coins in .9999 purity and gold coins in .99999 purity.

Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar Weights & Design

The RCM has a somewhat limited offering of gold bullion as compared to their silver and gold coins. The only weights of gold bars that they currently manufacture include a 1 oz and kilogram bar. Both of these variations contain .9999 pure gold. Below we will go over both of these bars in further detail.

1 oz RCM Gold Bar

The 1 oz gold bars made by the Royal Canadian Mint feature a secure assay card with multi-colored maple leafs. The assay cards are black in color and are made with among the most durable plastics available. On the bar itself is the RCM’s name spelled out in both English and French. Inside of their name is the mint’s maple leaf logo. Directly below this, in smaller letters are the bar’s weight and purity which reads: “1 Oz .9999 Fine Gold Or Pur.” Below this is the bar’s unique serial number which is different for every bar and verifiable by checking it against the number on the back of the assay.


On the back of the 1 oz RCM Gold Bar are several more of the mint’s maple leaf logos. The mint applies a different finish to the leaf’s to make them stand out, while at the center is a single opaque maple leaf. At the top of the assay case on this side is the Royal Canadian Mint name and logo. At the bottom of the assay are the weight and purity indications again. These bars are offered by the mint in storage packs of 25 bars per, which is about the standard packaging for bars of this size.


Kilo RCM Gold Bar

The kilogram gold bar made by the Royal Canadian Mint is produced in individual quantities without an assay. Though the kilo bars are manufactured without a sealed assay case, they are uniquely serial numbered to prevent counterfeiting and this also ensures each bar can be authenticated. At the top of these bars you will notice that the same Royal Canadian Mint logo is features in large letters. To the bottom of the bar you will see the weight and purity indications as well as the unique serial number.


Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar Pricing

Even though you might expect a government minted gold bar to sell for a very high markup, the RCM’s gold bars are actually priced extremely competitively to other bars manufactured by private mints. You will find their 1 oz bars to be priced in the range of $20-$30 above the current gold price. Their kilo bars are priced at even lower markups, usually somewhere around $10-$25 above gold spot price.

Buying RCM Gold Bars Online

When shopping for a Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar online, you will find that they are readily available from a number of vendors. Pricing for these bars is usually very reasonable and the resale value is fairly decent relative to spot. Because the bar’s are both produced and backed by the Canadian Government they are fairly liquid. You can buy these gold bars at the dealers we have listed in our price comparison chart or even on other sites like eBay.
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