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10-oz-credit-suisse-gold-barCredit Suisse is a producer of precious metals located in Switzerland that is most well-known for its production of gold bars. Though their products are not as popular as their national competitor PAMP Suisse in the gold market, they and their products are highly regarded by investors the world over.

*Prices displayed are for the 20 gram Credit Suisse Liberty Gold Bar.

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BBB Rating: A+
  • Low As $909.11/ bar ($35.28/oz over spot)
  • Free Shipping On All Orders
  • Sizes: 2g, 1oz
  • All Packages Insured
  • $100 Order Minimum

Credit Suisse’s selection of gold bars is not quite as expansive as that of other producers, but is still enough to satisfy the needs of most investors and investment-types. Because Credit Suisse is a major player in the financial industry, they and their products are trusted by investors the world over and have been for some time now.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars vs. Other Brands

Before purchasing any gold bar, an investor should ask (and answer) what makes the bar they are looking to purchase so special. Though not every bar has a unique feature or set of features, most every bar has something that makes it a bit different from other bars on the market.

For Credit Suisse, this is not really the case as their bars are plainer in appearance than anything else. Something that makes Credit Suisse bars preferred for the security-conscious investor is the fact that most every single one of their bars has a unique serial number used to verify the bar’s authenticity as well as protect you, the investor, from the ever-growing incidence of counterfeit products.

In addition to this, most Credit Suisse gold bars are encased in/with assay. Assay, in the case of Credit Suisse products, is a protective plastic case as well as a verification card. The verification card and unique serial number afford you the opportunity to absolutely, 100% confirm that your bar(s) is authentic.

In all reality, there aren’t too many other unique features present on Credit Suisse gold bars. Unlike bars produced by other mints, Credit Suisse does not have any special editions or anything like that. Their run of the mill bars are strictly for investment purposes and do not necessarily appeal to the investor who would also like a fancy design or other imagery on their bars. To me, the fact that Credit Suisse bars do not have fancy designs does not lessen the appeal of them, but that does not mean everyone feels this way.

Credit Suisse Gold Bar Designs

As was discussed in the previous section, Credit Suisse does not have many special designs for their gold bars. On most of their smaller bars, the only design present is the image of the Statue of Liberty. Statue of Liberty gold bars are the ones you will find more often than not. On the opposite side of the bar, Credit Suisse lists the bar’s weight, its purity level (most often .9999 or 99.99%), the Credit Suisse mintmark, and the bar’s unique serial number.



Some other Credit Suisse gold bars do not feature the Statue of Liberty design, but instead, on their reverse side, have a repeating pattern of the Credit Suisse mintmark. The different designs do not necessarily mean that the bar is any more or less valuable than any other Credit Suisse gold bar.


Credit Suisse Gold Bar Pricing

Generally speaking, Credit Suisse gold bars fall right in the middle of the price spectrum. Their bars are highly sought after by investors from around the world, but the demand is not so high that the value of Credit Suisse bars are inflated by a ridiculous amount.

When it comes down to it, the best way to determine the accurate and fair price of a Credit Suisse gold bar is to compare the price of the same bar across a number of different dealers. Because dealers of precious metals do not offer the same product for the same price, you will find that the price of a Credit Suisse gold bar from one site may be a whole lot less than the price of the same bar from another dealer.

Where to Buy Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Like most all precious metals products, you are able to purchase Credit Suisse gold bars from a variety of different sources. Typically people either buy from online gold dealers or a local brick and mortar outlet.

Depending on where you prefer to purchase from, you will want to take the following precautionary steps. If you are purchasing from a brick and mortar dealer, it would behoove you to call ahead and ensure that the dealer has Credit Suisse products in stock. The last think you would want to do is drive to a store only to find out that they are no longer stocking the product or group of products you would like.

In order to avoid a situation like that altogether, I recommend that you purchase Credit Suisse gold bars from an online retailer. Not only is it often less expensive to buy from most online dealers, the process is significantly simpler and more straightforward. Not only can you see what products are in stock and which ones aren’t, you can quickly and easily compare gold bar prices across a number of different dealers.
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