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Today gold bars are one of the most popular choices for many gold investors. With a large selection of weight options to pick from (ranging from 1 gram to 10 troy ounces), bars are highly liquid and have simple designs with high gold purity. This makes gold bars one of the cheapest ways to gain exposure to precious metals. With gold bars, there is a size for everyone in any price range from $100 to $100,000. Below you can compare some of the most popular gold bars available in the market based on their price and the dealer who sells them.

Compare Gold Bar Prices & Dealer Reviews

PAMP Suisse Gold Bars – PAMP Suisse is one of the most prestigious producers of gold bars in the precious metals industry. They offer bullion in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 1 gram up to 1 kilogram. Their reputation for putting out quality gold bars with eye catching designs and high purity is unmatched.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars – Credit Suisse is another precious metals company located in Switzerland which produces gold bullion bars. They offer a more limited selection of sizes to choose from. Their bar sizes include 2 gram, 20 gram and 1 ounce which are all struck in 24k or .9999 gold purity. Investors prefer these bars because they are fully backed.

Sunshine Mint Gold Bars – The Sunshine Mint is one of the most popular manufacturers of gold bars in United States. Located in Idaho, they offer bullion in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 1 gram up to 1 oz. Their reputation for producing high quality gold bars with their signature Eagle design and high purity is unmatched.

OPM Gold Bars – Ohio Precious Metals is the largest manufacturer of good delivery gold bullion in the United States. They offer some of the cheapest gold bars in the market without sacrificing quality, making them the go to choice for those looking for the best over spot pricing.

RCM Gold Bars – The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most highly regarded producers of coins and bullion in the precious metals industry. They offer gold bullion in three main sizes including 1oz, 1kg and 400oz. With their use of most advanced minting techniques and a reputation for quality bullion, RCM Gold Bars are among the most popular in the market.

Valcambi Gold Bars – Valcambi is one of the most popular manufacturers of gold bars in Switzerland. They offer gold bullion in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 1 gram up to 100 grams. They are widely known for the unique divisible gold bars that they make in all sizes.


Gold Bars Selection & Prices

Gold bars are favored by those physical gold investors who want to acquire bullion at the lowest price per ounce. This option is often the go to choice for those seeking to purchase gold only for its precious metal content and purity. Compared to other forms of gold bullion such as coins, gold bars will normally carry a much lower markup per ounce which can be as low as $10-$25 over the current spot price of gold while coins are often priced anywhere from $30-$100 over spot depending on availability and where you are going to buy from.

Gold Bar Sizes & Purities

Gold bars are most commonly produced in .9999 or 24k purity although some bars are made with only .999 fine gold. Because of the potential for fake bars in the market, most new bars will come with an assay certificate and unique serial number from the manufacturer. A lot of bars will even come sealed inside of an assay card for added security. These cards and certificates should always state the bars unique serial number, purity and weight which is guaranteed by the assayer to be 100% authentic and pure.

Besides the different purity levels that are available to gold investors, gold bars can also be found in a number sizes. By industry standards, bullion bars are produced in sizes that equate to either a multiple of 1 gram or 1 troy ounce. Gold bar producers will usually stick to only a few of the most common weights. Some of the most popular weights for gold bars include:

  • 1 gram
  • 2.5 gram
  • 5 gram
  • 10 gram
  • 20 gram
  • 1 troy ounce
  • 50 gram
  • 100 gram
  • 10 troy ounce
  • Kilogram

Brands of Gold Bars

Gold bars can be produced by pretty much any private or government run minting facility in the world. Since this is the case, many precious metal refiners & private mints make their own gold bars which will feature a unique design and size. Gold bars are produced in batches on either a daily or weekly basis depending upon supply and demand for that specific brand or size.

Though there are an endless number of brands to pick from when acquiring gold bars, many investors prefer only a select number of these brands. Brands that are trusted in the industry can often sell for more money and are a bit more liquid than lesser known brands. Listed below are some of the most popular and highly trusted mints who are currently minting gold bullion bars.

  • PAMP Suisse
  • Credit Suisse
  • OPM Metals
  • Perth Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)
  • Valcambi
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Sunshine Mint

Gold Bar Dealers

Many companies today sell gold bars online at very low markups over the current spot price. With the rise of the internet in recent years, you can buy almost any size or brand of gold bullion online with a few clicks and a little research. An important aspect of the online buying process is comparing prices and dealers to ensure you are buying from a trusted source at a competitive price. By doing this you can usually get a competitive price for the gold bar you want to purchase. You can view a full list of popular online gold bullion dealers here to learn more.

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